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    ART KIMBANGU, sculpture in afodizine wood and stone, can be seen at PALÁCIO BALDAYA, till July 30

  • Rafaela great prominence, yesterday

  • My youngest friend


    minuscule & moving through a limpid stillness as if under remote divine control the seahorse upright glides stops taxis backwards then sinks dangling down to a web of weeds before tilting (feigning the faintest inebriation) & turning almost motionless on…

  • 1179, May 23rd

    The Pope Alexander III, through the Bull Manifestus Probatum, confirmed and recognized Portugal as an independent and sovereign kingdom under the protection of Catholic Church

  • Handcraft Processing


  • Masterful map

    the sea is a star, the wind is a cloud the sky is red, the dawn is a colour the blood is orange, the apple is an animal the nightingale is a fruit, the land is an orchard the fire is female, the woman is a light the wine is a feeling, the love is a vintag…

  • Insolence


    The great majority of poets I know lives with the complex of egocentricity: they don't talk, neither comment nor divulge each others. A few existent poet gatherings are nothing more than vanity fairs. It seems they stand backs to backs so that their perso…

  • Who wants to understand the Portuguese idiosyncrasy?


    Your smile may go by electric scooter, but I'll pick it up at the next stop. /// O teu sorriso poderá ir de trotinete eléctrica, mas vou apanhá-lo na próxima paragem. by Armando TABORDA, 2019

  • Light skirts life

  • Rehearsal

  • I'll drink a last glass over the pain anchored in the throat seaport of wounds that sail from body to body towards a single shout unison and perennial of all who have sorrows falling asleep through the timezones sequence that marks the right tine for the…

  • I tidy the books. I take them out from one shelf without order and place them in another with order. Empty spaces remain. Hourly. I have told you nothing. I call the others. What I could say is dangerous: certainly (just like I said: I'll be back in ten y…

  • Seahorse

    PHOTOARK Project (original photo by Joel SARTORE) (press z to see in the lightbox)

  • Dome

    Centro Comercial Colombo, Lisboa

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