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  • Working day

    (click on the picture to see in the lightbox, please)

  • interlude douceur...

    ...femme paysage...

  • de neige et de feu...first snow...

  • la tour du Tréseau ...

    après sa rénovation (château de Carcassonne)

  • Ania i jaszczur

    By maciek

  • Möhnesee 095

    By Renate

  • Greifenstein/ Westerwald

    Die beeindruckenden Doppeltürme der Burg Greifenstein

  • Just in case of deluge

    Noah's Ark (detail), Flemish tapestry, late 16th century, at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti (Venezia) (click on the picture to see in the lightbox, please)

  • Fast Vollmond

    am 13.11.2016 um 18:42 Uhr, aus der Hand aufgenommen; vorsichtshalber habe ich ihn bereits einen Tag vor dem angekündigten "Super-Vollmond" fotografiert, und das war auch gut so, denn am 14.11.16 war er in Lüneburg nicht zu sehen ... Theme of the Week,…

  • Mega Super Lune

    Fond Noir

  • à 21 h. à Carcassonne ...

  • Lezhë Castle

    Lezhë Castle in Albania
    By Adam *

  • It's always good to remember that body suffers even if the soul doesn't want to

    self-portrait by Frida KAHLO (1907-1954) (photograph taken from Internet; edited by Armando TABORDA)

  • Vidaĵo de sur la monto Trzy Korony

    Miaj memoroj ofte revenas al tiu somera montara ekskurso.
    By maciek


    And a melody alights across the dull chambers of the afternoon, telling of what we neither know nor need to, as long as one note pales behind the next. And yet, in each room the quiet is willing, annexed by the thinnest shimmers as the heart gladly len…

  • Marseille

  • Marseille

    L'Ombrière du vieux port de Norman Foster A voir sur fond noir!

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