Alois Alzheimer's photos

  • The bear reads English, unlike everyone else at the photoshoot.

    He wishes he couldn't. He's so mortified that he can't speak up, and just covers his eyes with his paws. Makes me want to wear a t-shirt with some random Chinese characters on it. What could go wrong?

  • The Young Sophisticates


  • Domestic Bliss

    She looks worried.

  • Threesome

    He looks like has has them both well trained.

  • The Pipe Smokers

    Middle guy also has a cigarette.

  • Three-way

    Constructing things out of people.

  • Thigh-high Boots

    Hope that's a shag carpet.

  • Hot Band

    Where's the accordion?

  • Party Couple

    Time to open another bottle.

  • Shirtless Construction Workers

    No, those shorts aren't too short, nor are they too tight.

  • Good Time Girls

    I hope they brought protection.

  • German Family in 1932

    If my Photoshop skills were better the women and children would also have little mustaches.

  • Wednesday on a good day

    She didn't smile like that in the TV show or movies.

  • The bigger kids' table

    She didn't tease her hair enough. It needed to be humiliated.

  • The kids' table

    Kidney shaped tables were an important part of 1950s style. I still have mine.

  • Young Marge

    She teased her hair. Now we tease her.

  • Forest Creature

  • Fancy Pants

    His mother had awesome sewing skills, and a weird sense of humor. When did he finally rebel?

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