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  • Breakbounce end of the world festival

    With all those doomsday predictions about the world coming to an end, don’t you think we need one last excuse to bring the roof down? BreakBounce brings you, for the first time ever, the largest music festival of Bangalore’s DJs – A festival to bring toge…

  • Monavie EMV

    Boasting an energizing blend of antioxidant-rich fruits including the superfruits Acai and maqui- Monavie EMW is a natural source of sustained energy. Free of synthetic stimulants, this advanced formula is a healthy alternative to traditional energy drink…

  • Monavie MUN

    Monavie (M)mūn provides your body with important vitamins and minerals, including zinc, pantothenic acid and vitamins A, B6, B12 and E without using any artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours.

  • Monavie Pulse

  • Monavie shake

  • Monavie Essential

    Monavie essential is a mouthwatering blend of 19 body- beneficial fruits and the Brazilian acai berry-one of nature’s top superfruits.

  • 'MonaVie ONE' food being distributed to flood relief victims in Morigaon, Assam

    Monavie has distributed 'MonaVie ONE' ready-to-eat, conveniently consumable meals to over 7,000 families affected by floods in Morigoan, one of the worst affected areas in Lower Assam with 371 villages.

  • Morigaon flood victims with 'MonaVie ONE' food