Crutchfield Photo's photos

  • Longing ~ Don

    D3200, 105mm, ISO 400, 1/4000 f/4.0. Tweaked in Lightroom

  • Compassion II ~ Don

    D3200, 105mm, ISO 200, 1/8 f/2.8. Tweaked in Lightroom

  • Mimosa models - Zak

    These are two whippersnappers I photographed for my wife's apparel business as they modeled the new robot tee. My daughter Mila is on the right. I don't have any proper studio gear, so I make do with a couple of video lights and a bounced flash. It wa…

  • At the carousel - Zak

    Taken over the holidays - Fuji X-E1 at 1/4 second. Hand-held with my strap used as a stabilizer.

  • Samsara ~Don

    Nikon D 3200 - 105mm micro lens. 1/15 sec at f/4.0 - ISO 200. Made some alterations in Lightroom.

  • Holiday submission I (1 of 1)

    Isaac and Derek: Advent with the Haddens

  • XmasBow / WoodyS

    Pretty standard "ornament/tree" shot, but the Olympus OM-D E-M5 with an f/1.8 45mm lens that I was trying out delivered great image quality and nice bokeh. Some color correction in Adobe Camera Raw.

  • Acadia National Park (Maine) - Zac

    This shot was taken in late July, 2011 with a Sony DSC-HX5V (out of the lending library). Overcast skies added a nice balance to the lighting in Acadia National Park, in Maine. The combination of earthy birch bark, decaying leaves, and the vibrant yello…

  • Peach Trees - Zak

    Shot with the Sony RX100. Program mode, with -0.3 exposure compensation. The RX100 has a pretty accurate meter, but I like to tame the highlights with a little compensation (not really an issue with this photo, however). Tweaked the curves slightly in Lig…

  • Creek along White Oak Canyon -Travis

    Taken with a Nikon D80, 35mm prime lens, Handheld with a 400 ISO, f/2.5 @ 1/320s. I used a higher ISO in order to go handheld over the rocks. I'm really happy with the color contrast I got with this shot, the sun was just over the waterfall behind me and…

  • Woody S., Autumn sky

    Taken at Panorama Farms, Alb. Co. Oct 2012 with a Canon S3 IS in program mode, manual focus, light Photoshop retouch in sky density but most of the contrast was there in-camera