John Currin's photos

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    Christmas Dinner at Diane's 2007 - Diane, Simon Little, Carey and Ella Little

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    Helen, John and David - Dianes 40th wedding anniversary

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    Family at Diane and Fred's 40th wedding anniversary

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    Dean (aged37) with Angus and Cameron

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    Helen, Neil (Dad), Pinia (pregnant with Deidre) John, Uncle Ted, Mum with Sheri, Ron Ogle, Ma holding Stephen, Joy with Anne, Pauline and Allan Chittenden and Diane

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    Callan (Warwicks son) and Helen

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    Helan and Dad (Neil)

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    Nana (Emily Cecelia Currin)

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    Callan (Warwicks son)

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    Tony Waldner

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    Pop (Royston) Currin

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    Helan and Dad (Neil)

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    Four generations - Stephen, John, Neil and Nana

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    Jo and Gus with Angus, Billy and Cameron behind

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    Helen's winter garden

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    Cameron fishing

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    Hound saying farewell to Warwick

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    Memorial for the Early Settlers, Nelson