John Currin's photos

  • Breakfast and a cup of Liptons - 2012-07-01-413

    And a cup of Liptons tea

  • Neil Currin (Nettie), in his early days

    Neil Currin and his horse

  • Te Hapua, Family home of Pinia

  • Tony Waldner and Neeta

    Tony Waldner and Neeta

  • Lee Currin - David's wife

  • Ayesha - Christine's daughter

  • Helen and John Currin at the Richmond Show in Nelson

    Helen and John - aged about 5 and 6

  • Currin Family about 1947 -

    Neil and Pat Currin with Helen (L), Diane in front and John in front of Dad

  • Helen with a swimming cup she won, showing it to John. At Delaware Bay

    Helen and John - Helen won a swimming cup

  • At Picton, New Zealand

    Family with Sonny and Rosemary at Picton - Sonny, John, Linda, Natalie, Dana, Paul and Darren

  • William Mathew Eden

    William Eden

  • William and Sophia Hunt

    William and Sohia Hunt

  • William and And Elizabeth Wigzell

    William and Elizabeth Wigzell

  • Warwick Grimmer - Helen's husband

    Warwick in action as an auctioneer, selling off some fine beveridges

  • Neil Currin with Sheri Currin

  • Neil Currin - about 1972

  • Sheri Currin


  • Tiari Currin


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