Lurcher Aggie - old dog dreams

Aggie is a 7 year old Irish Wolf Hound / Scottish Deer Hound cross. She is the gentlest dog I have ever lived with. From day one I have tried to get her to bite the grandkids - just a little nip to keep them in line. Aggie has always refused. Bugger!

Oscar M

Oscar M - FINIS

Just Shed and Silky As

Morelia s spilota (baby) - named John

Diamond Python

Bokeh? Sadly Not!

Evolution - a greed driven process?

Several years ago Digger found some half fermented windfall under the plum tree. It has been his tree ever since - each season he guards the plums zealously from possums, birds and other beasts in the family. I have seen him dance around the tree on his hind legs whilst grazing and attempt to scramble up the lower trunk to get at the higher plums. He has learnt to jump up and grasp higher branches with his paws or his teeth, drop down and let the branch rebound up - the plums fly off and he eats them of…

Trusted Dog

Sort of

Sons and Other Beasts

beasts refused to co-operate ..... sons were marginally better ..... scanner co-operated least of all


Oscar M - FINIS

Midnight Guest

Huntsman, on wall above bed .... about to pounce (?)
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