Abumi 3

beginner - floundering

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  • Sex - sort of kitsch when you think about it ... 4

    conception ..... they have just found out they're pregnant. He embraces her from behind, cupping a breast for comfort (his). Together they hold her womb in wonderment. He leans close and whispers of his love for her. Distracted, she holds his head in rea…

  • Marupai - NG Sorcery

    i thought the one with tongue was a tad cute until i read of the possible implications. For those interested in sorcery amongst the Elema People of NG and the use of Marupai, here is a link to a great article by Alistair McIntosh ...... www.alastairmcin…

  • Rail Sleeper Spike

  • Calvin's Other Undies

  • Fetish 1

    When the going gets tough - the tough start knitting their own.

  • Abumi 1

    mid / late Edo? sculpture as much as anything

  • Wandjina Bark 2

    old, battered and curving back to fit the tree it came from. The thing I treasure above all others. After people and beasts were safe, this is the one thing I would carry out the front door if a bushfire were coming in the back

  • Shining!

  • Fetish 2 - tales from the backside

    Thinks ...... I am looking good!

  • Abumi 2

  • Abumi 3

  • Rusty 1

  • Goban

    underside - irritating sort of thingy

  • Rusted Dog

  • GulV

  • I was bored - seriously bored

  • so seriously bored - I gotta get a life

  • Footpath Lichens

    a B & W world that isn't always pleases me ... don't know why

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