Posted on 03/13/2008

Photo taken on February 21, 2008

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Ghost of Kinto (?) Inscription

Ghost of Kinto (?) Inscription
Help Wanted No1b

I've been told the inscription reads something about Ghost of Kinto, but is Kinto a place or a person?
Is the left hand column Kanji, is he right hand column Hiragana ?
Can anyone decipher this inscription?

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Lars Sözüer
Lars Sözüer
I suggest adding to the group Script for an answer.
10 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Lars Sözüer
Thanks for the suggestion Lars. I checked out the group and note they specify following in their rules when you apply to join ...

"Plese don't send a picture to the group simply because there is script in it. Even if the content of the script is interesting, this does not mean that the picture is appropriate, because in this group the interest focuses on the form, not the content.."

... I sort of feel they are specifically excluding situations such as mine. Bugger!
10 years ago.
Lars Sözüer has replied to k2hsharpe
Well, I as the admin would have accepted it, but that is probably just because I do not know enough about japanese writing.
10 years ago.
Love those japanese writings... but sadly I don't understand it... would love to learn it though :o)
This looks like a small piece, but it is hard to see without anything to compare it to.
10 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Pixie
it is small Pixie, only 5.5 cm tall.
The head of Kinto's Ghost that sits on top of it is another 11cm tall
making it about 16.5 cm high in total.
10 years ago.
Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography
Lodchjo - Lxxx Photo…
okay, the right side is hiragana, saying "obake no" (from top to bottom o-ba-ke no), meaning "the gost's" (obake = ghost, no = possessive particle).
the left side is kanji, top character "kin" means gold, then the bottom must be "to".
so, the claim is correct. i'll look up the "to" character (bottom left).
i think "kinto" is the ghost's name.
10 years ago. Edited 10 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Lodchjo - Lxxx Photo…
thanks Lodchjo,
I"ve googled Kinto, only reference I could find is a character in a Role Playing (I think) game
10 years ago.