Posted on 02/17/2008

Photo taken on February 17, 2008

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Beattie and the Troll ... entering The Dark

Beattie and the Troll ... entering The Dark
I was showing a friend the Orton Effect and decided I like this best of all. Problem though. I used the small email version to show her but when I go back and do it to the full size so I can print it out, it comes out different. Not as good somehow. I obviously tickled the smaller version after the fact and now I can't find my way back to that with the bigger version.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggh !!!

Yeshim Khaley Istanbul, *Rosi*, Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography and 2 other people have particularly liked this photo

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Looking smooooth you two :o)
It's always a bummer when you lose your work.. been there, done that! ;o)
11 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Pixie
Beattie is baby Smooooth
I am Orton Smooooth.
If Mr Orton could only bottle his effect
into a face lotion then he would no doubt
become Smoooothly Rich !
Leastways, he would probably have some of my money

I suspect we've all been there Pixie
and it always bloody hurts.
I just wish the History function in PhotoShop
would still be there after layers are flattened
and images saved.
11 years ago.
Pixie has replied to k2hsharpe
Orton lotion... hmmm.. I'd probably buy it! :D
11 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Pixie
I'd be eligible for a bulk discount
all by myself
11 years ago.
Concha Deza
Concha Deza
Very funny, I like it!!!
11 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Concha Deza
thank you CONCHI,
it is funny
and really lovely
to be dragged into the Twilight Zone
by a 1 year old
11 years ago.
thanks Szandor
I like Orton when applied
with Discernment and an Artistic Eye.
Two things I am rarely if ever found guilty of.
Sadly. (laughing))

But I'm happy with this one
because it is a tad cartoonish
to be abducted into the dark by such a little one
with such a knowing look in her eyes.

And besides,
it's worked miracles
with my old man wrinkles.
I haven't looked this good in decades.
Actually, I'm not sure I ever looked this good!
(even more laughing))))
11 years ago.
Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography
Lodchjo - Lxxx Photo…
Nice effect!
11 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Lodchjo - Lxxx Photo…
Thanks Lodchjo,
I feel like I'm in a B Grade
horror flick
11 years ago.
sooooooooooo beautiful !!!!!
11 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to *Rosi*
Beattie or the Troll?
I know it's the Beattie
11 years ago.