Posted on 02/15/2008

Photo taken on February 15, 2008

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Beattie and the Troll ... (yet another bloody doting granddad pic)

Beattie and the Troll ... (yet another bloody doting granddad pic)
yes, I know, but I couldn't resist this one.
If you look at her left hand I could have sworn
she just flipped me the bird.
Just turned one and absobloody no respect!

skivixen, WDW have particularly liked this photo

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LOL !! Brilliant, and you both look so cute! :D
9 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Pixie
you know Pixie, I look at this image
and wonder which of the two of us
is more gorgeous
But then sanity immediately floods back
and I know only Beattie is.
It's her time for 'gorgeous' now
and I do not begrudge her it at all.

I will happily settle for 'Cute' ...
9 years ago.
Pelusilla Silvestre
Pelusilla Silvestre
ohhhhh.... It´s so sweet!! both are adorable ;-)
9 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Pelusilla Silvestre
aah Pelusilla, I am an old man
and it has been so very long
since I was last adored.

But thank you for a lovely comment
9 years ago. Edited 9 years ago.
hehehe such a fun pic!! (Beattie has beautiful eyes!!!)
9 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to hendongirl
she does hendongirl, she does.
She also has a Kalahari Granddad ...
which is perhaps why she is so beautiful?
Well, to me that seems perhaps so
9 years ago.
hendongirl has replied to k2hsharpe
oooh - she sounds ...exotic :D like a lovely flower :D
9 years ago.
9 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Crazy_little_thing
Ah C_l_t
a single word from you and I smile.

I would ask a favour of you?
I would like to give your Ipernity details
to Beattie now in the hope that when she is 7 or 8
and can read and write she might manage to contact you.
You could give her a second word to follow the first ...
9 years ago.
Crazy_little_thing has replied to k2hsharpe
Beattie can have all my ipernity details. Ask her what informations she needs, she'll tell you on the Baby language you just have to listen carefully. Then you pass her wishes to me :)
9 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Crazy_little_thing
I took your advice and asked Beattie of her wishes.
I listened very carefully as you suggested
and found her wants were few, only 5 in all ...
she wants to be Fed, Changed, Held Snugly and Sung To.
Oh, and World Domination.
This last one made me think that it is perhaps best
to wait until she can read and write,
then she can discuss such plans directly with you.
Old men such as me should never be entrusted
with plans for world domination - we are often far too willing
to sacrifice all!
9 years ago.
Qui a peur de l'araignée?
ce n'est pas celui que l'on croit !!
who is afraid by the spider???
Papy or Baby???
beautiful baby.. nice eyes
9 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to Poussine
Beattie, like all little ones
seems afraid of nothing.
I on the other hand
like all old men
am afraid of most things.

"who is afraid by the spider???
Papy or Baby???"
..... me!
9 years ago.
look at those brown eyes! angelic! love it!!!
9 years ago.
k2hsharpe has replied to skivixen
thanks skivixen,
funny thing, when I saw your post I remembered your image "tiny dancer"...
.... and finally remembered what it was that it reminded me of.
Shiva !!

Beattie has not long found her feet,
and with them she has found Dance
and I remember mine from so very long ago.
At some stage all little ones lose themselves in Dance,
dance their worlds into ours.

I don't know much about Hindu beliefs
but I could believe Shiva manifests her(him)self in all infants --
each one the universe made new.
Each one needing to be danced into existence.
What do you think?

PS your "tiny dancer" evokes the world of early childhood for me
much more that most other images
9 years ago.