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  • Marianne Awerbuch

    Holsteiner Ufer Moabit

  • Moabiter Brücke (Bärenbrücke)


  • Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo)

  • 6 pommes au nid façon grand-mère

    Not a Jamie Oliver, Johann Lafer, Horst Lichter, Sarah Wiener, Alfred Biolek, Tim Mälzer, Kolja Kleeberg, Alexander Herrmann, Armin Roßmeier, Alfons Schuhbeck, Vincent Klink, Frank Rosin, Steffen Henssler, Michel Oliver or Ralf Zacherl recipe... Tempelho…

  • Crème brûlée

  • The Olympic Bell in 1993

    Olympiastadion Berlin

  • The Waldbühne in 2013

    Amazing Places

  • Blick vom Glockenturm auf das Olympiastadion

    L'extérieur du stade vu du Glockenturm

  • Le Corbusier Haus


  • Berlin

    Berlin - The place to be

  • Zitadelle


  • Sauerbraten mit hausgemachtem Rotkohl und Kartoffelklößen

    Restaurant Wetzel´s Alt-Tempelhof 36 - 38 12103 Berlin

  • Skulpture aus der NS Zeit

    Olympiastadion Berlin Photo courtesy of Mr. Bruno T.

  • The symbiosis of occidental and oriental cult

    Original Nürnberger Oblaten Lebkuchen, Butterspekulatius (Weihnachtsgebäck) und Türkischer çay.

  • Athens...Stoa Of Attalos ......!!!!!!

    By Peter

  • Doric order........

    The Doric order was one of the three orders or organizational systems of ancient Greek or classical architecture; the other two canonical orders were the Ionic and the Corinthian. Worth A look Full Size ......Press Z
    By Peter

  • Athens ...Cape Sounion ... POSEIDON TEMPLE ....

    POSEIDON TEMPLE The sanctuary of Poseidon at Sounion is one of the most important sanctuaries in Attica. Sporadic finds point to the conclusion that the site was inhabited in the prehistoric period but there is no evidence of religious practice in such an…

  • Liverpool Cathedral