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    My mother aged about 18. 1938 or 1939.

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    This is my mother on her wedding day, 10th June 1940. My father was a regular soldier (as opposed to a wartime conscript) and in 1940 his regiment was on standby to be sent into active service. The country was in turmoil following the withdrawal from Du…

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    My parents, sometime in 1943.

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    This is my mother on her wedding day again. 10th June 1940. This is The Weir at Shrewsbury where they came to take photographs (my father was stationed at Copthorne Barracks in Shrewsbury at the time).

  • 006

    Members of the 1st Battalion the King's Shropshire Light Infantry on their way out to India in 1934.

  • 007

    My father with his mother, on or about his sixteenth birthday in April 1931. The bicycle was a birthday present.

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    My father somewhere on the Northwest Frontier between India (now Pakistan) and Afghanistan in 1938. Shortly afterwards his unit was recalled to the UK due to the threat of war.

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    My mother aged 16, 1936.

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    My mother again, 1936 or 1937.

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    My father's brother with his wife, about 1936. He would have been about 24, his wife a year younger.

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    My parents during one of my father's leave periods, probably 1943. The odd thing about this is that my father is wearing a glengarry bonnet (at the prescribed military angle), whereas his unit (the King's Shropshire Light Infantry) traditionally favoured…

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    By Berny

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  • Salzsee Uyuni (Bolivien)

    Salzsee Uyuni (Bolivien)

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