Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland, 2007


I visited Warsaw for the first time from June to July of 2007, and while I didn't know much about the city when I went, and I'm still trying to assess all of the things that are in my photos, I nevertheless shot a wide body of work there for only a few days' visit, and the first of them are now on display here.

Trams At The Royal Castle, Picture 3, Warsaw, Pola…

11 Dec 2007 348's a third shot of the trams at the castle.

Nowy Swiat, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 119
There's the Holy Cross Church on the right again. In any case, this shot came out far more antique-looking than I expected. I was, after all, shooting Tri-X in a Nikon N80, so it should come out normal, right? Well, no, apparently not. I decided to post this unedited to show you what it looked like, just because it could arguably be just as cool as a technically good shot.

Nowy Swiat, Picture 2, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 128
Here's a grungy, "real world" shot of the one of the street signs on Nowy Swiat. :-)

Nowy Swiat, Picture 3, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 102
Here's the proper edited version of my main Nowy Swiat shot. I figured that even though the antique look was interesting, it wasn't technically correct. Regrettably (or perhaps not), I've had a lot of trouble remedying the problem even here. I hope it's not too bad. :-)

Old and New In Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 138
I took this to contrast the older architecture with the new in Warsaw. Although the old town was levelled in World War II, the rest of the city sustained varying degrees of damage, and the Polytechnika (I'm assuming that's the Polytechnic school) is one of the older buildings that made it out in one piece (or perhaps was rebuilt). The buildings next to it, however, apparently didn't survive, and those ugly Communist buildings replaced them.

Entrance To The University Of Warsaw, Warsaw, Pola…

11 Dec 2007 163
Although as far as I know it's a strictly business type of place, the architecture at the University of Warsaw, even on the iron fencing, is so ornate that it is often listed in the tourist guides as one of the things to see while you're in town.

University of Warsaw, Picture 3, Warsaw, Poland, 2…

11 Dec 2007 170
Here's another shot of the uni.

Old Tram At Polytechnika, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 199
I'm kicking myself for how little research I did into Poland before I left, as with more time spent in preparation I'm sure I could have seen more things and written more interesting and informative photo captions. :-) was one of those trips where I had little choice but to plan it in a hurry, with all of my work in Prague eating up my time. One of the things that I'm going to have to do in the coming week or two is to find out more about these trams so that I can give you more info on the classes of them. This was taken at the Polytechnika stop.

Old Tram at Politechnika, Picture 2, Warsaw, Polan…

11 Dec 2007 186
Here's another shot of one of those old and narrow Warsaw trams. I'd really like to learn more about these, as I already said.

Politechnika Tram Stop, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 163
Here's one of the, in contrast to the trams, very modern tram shelters. I'm not sure which church that is in the background, but that would be another thing to look up.

Politechnika Tram Stop, Picture 3, Warsaw, Poland,…

11 Dec 2007 172
Here's another shot taken, I think, from Polytechnika or somewhere nearby.

Waiting Tram at Politechnika, Picture 2, Warsaw, P…

11 Dec 2007 174
As on the last shot, I may have the location of this wrong. If I do, please correct me!

Tram Approaching Politechnika, Warsaw, Poland, 200…

11 Dec 2007 164
Again, another guess, possibly wrong, about the location.

Tram Approaching Polytechnika, Picture 2, Warsaw,…

11 Dec 2007 173
Again, if the location needs correction....correct it, please!!

Tram Near Politechnika, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 152
Again, this is one that I'm inviting you to correct if the location is wrong.

Trams At Nowowiejska and Chałubińskiego Intersecti…

11 Dec 2007 188
This is NOT Polytechnika, but a street near where my hostel was. I took a lot of photos in the neighborhood around the hostel because the tram action is pretty cool there.

Trams At Nowowiejska and Chałubińskiego Intersecti…

11 Dec 2007 158
This t-junction, with the tram wye, was especially fun to watch. Any input as to the precise location of this would be welcome, as I've forgotten.

Trams At Nowowiejska and Chałubińskiego Intersecti…

11 Dec 2007 241
Here's one of the newer trams.

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