Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland, 2007


I visited Warsaw for the first time from June to July of 2007, and while I didn't know much about the city when I went, and I'm still trying to assess all of the things that are in my photos, I nevertheless shot a wide body of work there for only a few days' visit, and the first of them are now on display here.

Warsaw Tram #436, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 162
#436 is the only tram I was able to get the number of and shoot a few shots of, as naturally they move right along.

Warsaw Tram #436, Picture 2, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 201
Here's my favorite of #436.

Warsaw Tram #436, Picture 3, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 179
And....finally, here's yet another.

Bike Taxis, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 286
Of course, the trams aren't the only way to get around Warsaw. There's also the Metro, and in addition, there are buses and taxis, some of taxis. I took this in the Royal Square by the castle.

Tram Profile, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

11 Dec 2007 273
On the other hand, maybe THIS is my favorite tram photo from Warsaw. I can't decide.

Night Train In Warzawa Centralna, Warsaw, Poland,…

11 Dec 2007 223
This was to be my train home, although the dankness of Warzawa Centralna is making it look deceptively late. In reality it was only the afternoon.

Tram At Politechnika, Warsaw, Poland, 2007

02 Mar 2008 289
Here's the first of two more tram shots from Poland that apparently failed to upload last time.

Tram At Politechnika, Picture 2, Warsaw, Poland, 2…

02 Mar 2008 291's another. :-)

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