View From Pontresina Bahnhof Parking Lot, Pontresina, Switzerland, 1998

The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is a Swiss (but not technically SBB) narrow-gauge train of the Rhatische Bahn which runs from St. Moritz to Tirano on the Italian border. I took the trip over the Christmas Break of 1998, and it stands out in my mind as one of the most amazing train trips I've ever taken. The scenery was amazing, the train exotic, and my camera worked perfectly. :-) I've put these in an ord…  (read more)

Swiss Landscape, Picture 12, Switzerland, 1998

Here's another great shot, in my opinion anyway. :-) Snow, clouds, mountains, rock. An amazing Alpine scene! :-) Check out the frozen lake in the foreground!

Swiss Landscape, Picture 13, Switzerland, 1998

This is one of my favorites!! :-) I think mainly what I like is the composition.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 14, Switzerland, 1998

In this shot of the frozen lake, it's less abstract, and more obvious what it is.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 15, Switzerland, 1998

Here's an alternate, wider shot of the frozen lake in Picture 16.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 16, Switzerland, 1998

Frozen lake! :-)

Ospizio Bernina Bahnhof (station), Ospizio Bernina, Switzerland, 1998

This is Ospizio Bernina Bahnhof, on the final downhill stretch into Italy.

Alp Crum Buffet, Ospizio Bernina, Switzerland, 1998

This restaurant is next to Ospizio Bahnhof, but what interests me more are the flatcars on the other track. That's not a freight train, but a passenger train that carries cars, or what in English speaking countries would be called an autotrain. Many people are so intimidated by the mountain conditions (probably not bad judgement) that they let the railway do the driving!!

Swiss Landscape, Picture 17, Switzerland, 1998

Unfortunately, I'm afraid these next few are hopelessly out of order, as they're supposed to go before, Cavaglia, which is supposed to go before Ospizio Bernina. I'll try to straighten it out in an iPernity album in the next day or two. :-) This shot is, I think, of the frozen lake pictured earlier, with blowing snow. Does anybody know which one it is?

Swiss Landscape, Picture 18, Switzerland, 1998

Although this is a brutal, rocky, craggy shot, I actually saw some much rawer stuff when I was up there.
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