View From Pontresina Bahnhof Parking Lot, Pontresina, Switzerland, 1998

The Bernina Express

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Cavaglia Bahnhof, Switzerland, 1998

Cavaglia Bahnhof is interesting in that it has an altitude marker on it, giving an idea of how high up this line is.

Altitude Marker and Station Sign, Cavaglia, Switzerland, 1998

There's the altitude marker...1693 meters, or 5555 feet!! The Rhatische Bahn is by no means the highest railway in the world, but it's certainly at a higher altitude than average!!

Swiss Landscape, Picture 19, Switzerland, 1998

I'm fairly certain that I took this on the way down into Italy.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 20, Switzerland, 1998

Here the downgrade is really noticeable, as we're approaching the Italian border.

Swiss Railway Viaduct, Switzerland, 1998

The route from Pontresina to Tirano is steeply graded, but less so than it could have been. Because it is a rail line, frequented by mostly conventional trains using bare steel wheels on bare steel rails, there are still limits as to what the trains can take. Therefore, there are a number of rail spirals, like this one, and switchbacks as well. That building we're heading into is a snowshed.

Swiss Railway Snow Shed, Switzerland, 1998

Here's a shot taken from the snowshed.

Swiss Railway Snow Shed, Picture 2, Switzerland, 1998

The Rhatische Bahn also has a number of concrete snowsheds, in addition to the traditional wooden ones. Here's one of them.

Swiss Railway Snow Shed, Picture 3, Switzerland, 1998's another snowshed shot. :-)
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