View From Pontresina Bahnhof Parking Lot, Pontresina, Switzerland, 1998

The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is a Swiss (but not technically SBB) narrow-gauge train of the Rhatische Bahn which runs from St. Moritz to Tirano on the Italian border. I took the trip over the Christmas Break of 1998, and it stands out in my mind as one of the most amazing train trips I've ever taken. The scenery was amazing, the train exotic, and my camera worked perfectly. :-) I've put these in an ord…  (read more)

Swiss Landscape, Picture 4, Switzerland, 1998

Although it wasn't sunrise or sunset, because I was shooting directly into the sun on this one, and the sun was behind a cloud, it gives that impression, I think. This is one of my favorite all time landscapes.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 5, Switzerland, 1998

As we approached the treeline, we began to parallel a road, and ended up pacing this Opel Ascona, eventually outrunning it.

Pacing An Opel Ascona, Somewhere On The Bernina Express Route, Switzerland, 1998

Here we are side by side with the Opel.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 6, Switzerland, 1998

Here's pretty much the end of the treeline, with a few last ones before the bare ice and rock.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 7, Switzerland, 1998

At this point, we were still paralleling the road, and the Opel was long gone. You can see some trees on the right, but the treeline is mostly past at this point.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 8, Switzerland, 1998

This was a ski lodge, if I'm not mistaken, which amazed me, actually. Many people ski from very high up.

Swiss Landscape, Picture 9, Switzerland, 1998

This mountain looks very familiar, but I can't place it. Does anybody know which one it is?

Swiss Landscape, Picture 10, Switzerland, 1998

No trees in this shot, but the road is still there, and look at that grade!! Also, the curve is so sharp it would easily put a car in the ditch if the driver was going too fast. As it's rail curves that generally have to be wide, as trains are quite big, it gives an impression of how sharp, relatively speaking, this curve is, even given that it's narrow gauge. Notice also on the right that that's a frozen lake!!

Swiss Landscape, Picture 11, Switzerland, 1998

I took a picture of this mountain solely because I loved it. I didn't think too much about which mountain it was, and didn't have a topo map on me. If anybody knows which one it is, please leave a comment!! :-)
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