St. Pancras International, London, England (UK), 2013

British Railway Photos

I have literally thousands of these, and what I have in this album is a tiny percentage of them, maybe 1 or 2 percent, if even that. Basically, this is meant to be a companion album to the England, Wales, and Scotland albums, whi

FGW Intercity 125 in Cardiff Central Station, Edit…

13 May 2015 276
This was after our arrival at Cardiff, a few minutes early if memory serves. I didn't actually time the train this time.

Tesco "Less CO2" Container Train in Newport Statio…

20 May 2015 261
I saw these containers a number of places in Britain, and they struck me as an often unexplored area of rail marketing, namely the lower CO2 emissions possible with rail transport. This has always been the main marketing point of rail transport, at least as a government policy, in the modern era, although obviously to work, such a policy has to be implemented reasonably efficiently. For example, a one-car freight train will not have the advantage of a 100-car freight train. Britain generally is somewhere in the middle, running 20 to 40 cars typically, as in the rest of Europe.

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