Fall Colors, Picture 1, Edited Version, Haje, Prague, CZ, 2013

Prague Without The Trains or the Cameraphone

This is an album for those of you exasperated with the number of train, tram, and general rail photos I have. :-) This is the "quality" Prague album, at least to people who hate trains. :-)

Strahovsky Klaster (Strahov Monastery), Picture 2,…

21 Mar 2008 223
Strahovsky Klaster (Strahov Monastery) is one of the oldest complexes of buildings in Prague, although that tower to the left is the Petrin watchtower, which is much newer, dating to 1891. The Monastery wasn't built all at once, of course, but was constructed in stages from 1140-1798, at least from I can quickly ascertain from what's online. The most famous feature is the library, which although it has a collection stretching back hundreds and hundreds of years, was built in its current form as the Philosophical Hall as recently as 1782. If I've misinterpreted my sources, or if there's more to add, please comment and do so!! Thanks. :-)

Spring Colors, Strahov, Prague, CZ, 2007

21 Mar 2008 156
Here's a shot of some of the trees blooming in the Strahov gardens. That wall behind the trees is the Hladova Zed, or "Hunger Wall," which dates to the reign of Karluv IV.

Dandelions, Strahov, Prague, CZ, 2007

21 Mar 2008 152
Dandelions are very common in Central New York, where I'm from, but they're common in Bohemia, too. You wouldn't think it, but this was taken in Prague, in the gardens in Strahov. Prague is actually quite green in places, as I think I've illustrated in some of my other photos. Look carefully, and I think you can spot a bee or two among these flowers.

Sunset Over Jizdni Mesto, Prague, CZ, 2007

21 Mar 2008 191
This was a lucky accident, really. my badly-worn light meter actually gave me a more impressive shot, as the underexposure made the colors richer. On another note, the names Jizdni Mesto and Haje are almost interchangeable. I'm not sure if they're even considered legally different places. I actually took this from the outskirts of town, though, standing in a field.

Gardens, Picture 2, Albertov, Prague, CZ, 2007

02 Apr 2008 179
As far as I know, these gardens are connected to the biology department of Charles University, and are adjacent to the UJOP language school, which is also part of the university. UJOP also has a campus in Podebrad, albeit a smaller one, and if I'm not mistaken it has a few more as well. When I took the Czech language and culture course for the first time in the summer of 2007, this was my campus, and is likely to be the place that I study this year, provided that I can get into it again. I always liked the view of the gardens from our building, so on one of the last days of class I snapped several shots with my N80.

Prezidentska Palac, Picture 8, Prazky Hrad, Prague…

02 Apr 2008 198
The Prezidentska Palac, or Presidential Palace, of the Czech Republic is incorporated into the old royal palace in Prazky Hrad, the Prague castle. It isn't as old as the castle as a whole, and in fact is blatantly Baroque in most of its decorations. It has been renovated many, many times, though, and in addition to the considerable number of built-in sculptures and statues, like this one, it used to also house a large art gallery.

Prezidentska Palac, Picture 10, Prazky Hrad, Pragu…

02 Apr 2008 196
Most of the rooms in the Prezidentska Palac are very large, and this means that, today as historically, it is often used for major state gatherings and functions. Generally, you have to arrange tours, as security rules require it. We luckily had the right connections since we were students at the university, which is still a state institution.

Prezidentska Palac, Picture 12, Prazky Hrad, Pragu…

02 Apr 2008 222
This is one of the newer sections of the palace, dating to the late 1940s. The statue is of Jan Masaryk, the first president of Czechoslovakia.

Prezidentska Palac, Picture 13, Prazky Hrad, Pragu…

02 Apr 2008 185
I like the alignment of this room, also one of the newer rooms in the palace, so I shot a few pictures with the lighting fixtures playing a prominent role.

Prezidentska Palac, Picture 14, Prazky Hrad, Pragu…

02 Apr 2008 163
This is my favorite shot of the lighting fixtures in the Presidentska Palac.

Blinds, Karolinium, Prague, CZ, 2007

02 Apr 2008 141
Here's a random shot out one of the windows in the Karolinium. Yes, they even put modern blinds in the place.

St. Jacob's Church, Prague, CZ, 2007

02 Apr 2008 179
The nearest church to the Karolinium is this one, St. Jacobs, which dates to 1689-1739, as far as I can gather with my limited Czech searching online. The site has had a church on it since the 13th Century, though.

Restaurace U Tri Pstrosu, Prague, CZ, 2007

02 Apr 2008 140
While still an active and reasonably successful restaurant, U Tri Pstrosu is very, very old, and the building makes it obvious. The date it was built isn't listed on the website, but it does date to the days of Karluv IV, which would make it about 600 years old. The name means "At the Three Ostriches," or simply "The Three Ostriches," as most traditional Czech restaurants and "hospoda" pubs have "U" or "at" in their name.

Restaurace U Tri Pstrosu, Picture 2, Prague, CZ, 2…

02 Apr 2008 114
The paintings on U Tri Pstrosu still survive, and add additional interest.

Restaurace U Tri Pstrosu, Picture 3, Prague, CZ, 2…

02 Apr 2008 142
U Tri Pstrosu has also always been a hotel, or perhaps "Inn" or "Hostinec" would be a better term, and the sign on the restaurant indicates this.

Restaurace U Tri Pstrosu, Picture 4, Prague, CZ, 2…

02 Apr 2008 119
Here's another look at the murals on U Tri Pstrosu.

Reflection On Building At The Corner Of Narodni an…

02 Apr 2008 240
To round off today's upload, here's a shot that I randomly took at the corner of Narodni Trida and Spalena Ulice in Prague, when I spotted this amazing reflection. I hope you like it too. :-)

Beginning of Fall, Milichovsky Les, Haje, Prague,…

05 Apr 2008 417
This photo is the first in a series called "The Beginning of Fall 2007" which I'm going to turn into an album on iPernity. I had messed up on getting out in time during the other years that I had lived in Prague, but in Fall of 2007 I did a better, although not perfect, job. We had a relatively short Fall in 2007 before we got into winter, that's why. Just about everything I shot was in Milichovsky Les, in Haje, and this is Milichovsky Rybnik, or Milichov Pond in English.

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