Fall Colors, Picture 1, Edited Version, Haje, Prague, CZ, 2013

Prague Without The Trains or the Cameraphone

This is an album for those of you exasperated with the number of train, tram, and general rail photos I have. :-) This is the "quality" Prague album, at least to people who hate trains. :-)

Mala Strana Seen From Cechuv Most, Prague, CZ, 200…

01 Sep 2007 199
Here's a somewhat unusual view of the Mala Strana, seen from the south end of Cechuv Most (Cechuv Bridge). Notice the Petrin watchtower on Petrin Hill, to the left, and of course the Hradcany to the right.

Staronova Synagoga, Josefov, Prague, CZ, 2005

01 Sep 2007 206
Built in 1270, the Staronova, or Old-New, Synagogue is considered by many people to be the oldest in Europe. It's called the Old-New because an even older synagogue, the Old-Old, predated it, although it was demolished in 1867 to make room for the Spanish Synagogue, which still survives. Behind the Old-New, you can see the Jewish Town Hall, as Josefov, the former Jewish ghetto where this picture was taken was governed seperately during its years as a ghetto.

Yellow Bush, Sidliste Haje, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 216
I got the idea for this the moment I looked at it. I knew I would get a weird all-yellow shot of this bush because it was already yellow from the Fall season, and would be illuminated by streetlights with a yellow color temperature (thanks to abmarfia for the terminology :-)).

sv. Miklasky Chram (Church of St. Nicholas), Mala…

01 Sep 2007 205
The Church of St. Nicholas is the most notable church in the Mala Strana, or Lesser Quarter, of Prague, although it is overlooked by St. Vitus Cathedral on the Hradcany (not visible here). I took this while I was walking around with my camera and tripod, and realized that I could get an almost perfect night shot here. It is imperfect, however, due to the aura on the lower right, which I expect is a streetlight.

Rainbow, Nadrazi Branik, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 212
This is from the bus and tram terminal of Nadrazi Branik, taken a few minutes after the Flying Leaves picture, as the rainstorm was fast, furious, and short, and followed by bright sunlight. Perfect conditions for a rainbow.

Narodni Muzeum, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 153
The originally the National Museum of Bohemia, this building is now the National Museum of the Czech Republic, which includes Bohemia, Moravia, and part of Silesia. It's a landmark in Prague, and its size and relative elevation compared to surrounding buildings makes it visible from many unexpected parts of the city.

Fall Colors, Kacerov, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 200
This scene is right between Kacerov Metro (Station) and Restaurant Kacerov, in the bus station above the Metro, surprisingly.

Building Clock, Sidliste Haje, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 173
Maybe this should really be entitled "Building Clocks," as there is also another one in the lower left hand corner that I didn't notice before. :-) I took this mainly for the composition.

Petrin Watchtower, Picture 2, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 1 187
Although my first Petrin shot (actually the second, as these are in reverse chronological order) is one of my best all-time night shots, I would venture to say that this one is even better. There aren't any distractions in this one, and the exposure is a lot better, I think.

Petrin Watchtower, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 177
The Petrin Watchtower was built for the same 1891 exhibition that the Lanova Draha was built for, and indeed the Lanova Draha is the most convenient way to access it from the city centre of Prague. It was based on the Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) of a few years before, and the resemblence is striking. This is one of my best all-time night shots, I think, although that mysterious light to the right of the tower isn't all mystery. One could say it's nothing but a distraction. I'm not sure, but I think it was an aircraft that happened to be there at an inconvenient time.

Staromestske Namesti In The Early Morning, Prague,…

01 Sep 2007 163
I took this in the early morning during my photo shoot of the Prazky Orloj. I chose this time of day (about 0700) because the tourists wouldn't be in the streets yet, I hoped. In reality, there were a few, but very few, and I don't know really if they were tourists or Czechs. One thing I learned is that street and utility repairs seem to be done in the wee hours of the morning, when the tourists aren't there to be inconvenienced. If you can't see them here, I'm not sure if they're in the picture. They should be off to the right. Digging up the street only at extreme hours of the early morning might be a nice idea, so long as you're digging up cobblestones and not using jackhammers, but it I doubt it would be the most desirable work assignment.

Clock Tower, Stare Radnice, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 193
Maybe they could call this one the "Prazky Normalni Hodiny." :-) This is a completely conventional dial clock on a tower directly above the Prazky Orloj, on the Stare Radnice, or Old Town Hall, where both are located.

Prazky Orloj, Lower Dial Detail, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 179
This is the lower dial of the Prazky Orloj, giving the days of the year (if I'm reading it correctly), and noting religious holidays. I'll likely have more info on it in the future as I learn more about it, but for now, here it is.

Prazky Orloj (Prague Astronomical Clock), Prague,…

01 Sep 2007 1 246
It seems that everyone who goes to Prague gets their picture or pictures of the Astronomical clock, or Orloj, so here's mine. :-) I actually have others, but this is my definitive, straight-on shot, taken at about 0730 on a weekday when nobody was available (or in some cases awake) to get in my way!!! This one was built gradually from 1410-1866, and in its current form it has, like many such clocks, robotic statues!!! :-)

Zizkovska Televizni Vez (Prague TV Tower), Prague,…

01 Sep 2007 168
The Zizkovska Televizni Vez, or Prague TV tower, is the tallest structure in Prague. The tower is 216 metres high, but in terms of elevation above sea level at the top, it's higher than the Empire State Building in New York. Meters above sea level don't really count, though. :-) The tower features an observation deck (although regrettably not at the top), a restaurant (expensive, but probably worth it if you're a tourist), and of course several television and radio transmitters. I took this from Petrin Hill, which is 50 minutes away by public transport, and it still absolutely dominates everything around it. There almost is no skyline without it!!!

View From Petrin Hill, Prague, CZ, 2005

01 Sep 2007 1 218
Here's an overall view of Prague taken from Petrin Hill, which lets you see pretty much all of the city centre, with the exception of the Hradcany, which is out of view to the left. Enjoy! :-)

Buildings, Namesti Republiky, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 172
Yaaaagh!!! This photo is a mess!!! Well, actually, that's kind of the point. Prague buildings are often so intricate that they're really hard to take in. I chose this odd angle because it was the best way to bypass all of the construction and other chaos that's enveloping Namesti Republiky right now. In spite of it all, though, it's actually better to visit it in person, as you can ignore construction, whereas the camera can't. :-)

Hladova Zed, Picture 3, Prague, CZ, 2006

01 Sep 2007 140
Here's another picture towards the top of the Hladova Zed. It's hard to tell whether these buildings were ever occupied, as there doesn't appear to have ever been glass in the windows.

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