Not On Tour at Cafe na pul cesty, Picture 4, Pankrac, Prague, CZ, 2013

Cameraphone Crap

Yeah, I know, I have a cameraphone now. I'm using it until I can get through my film backlog. It's at least handy in that I don't have to scan anything or worry about whether I have my camera with me. More recently, I got a video camera that can take stills too, so now I'm posting stuff from it too.

DPP #8486 and DPP #6921 at I.P. Pavlova, Prague, C…

23 Feb 2009 241
This was my first-ever cameraphone shot, which I took right after walking out of the store. In spite of being an action shot in the rain, it came out fine.

Metro Train at Haje, Prague, CZ, 2009

23 Feb 2009 239
The Sony Ericsson W302 may only be a cameraphone, but it does have some low-light capability that even 400 ISO film can't match. I'm not sure what it's maximum ISO is, but if I had to guess I would say something between 400 and 800. Basically, you can shoot pictures on the Prague Metro with it, unlike with 400 ISO film, but you can't stop the motion of the trains like you can with 800 ISO film.

DPP #8536 at Namesti Republiky, Prague, CZ, 2009

24 Feb 2009 205
This may or may not be my first good shot of a tram at the Namesti Republiky stop, but it's the first one that I've posted to Flickr. The building way in the back is the Municipal House, or Obecni Dum.

Sidliste Krc in the Snow, Prague, CZ, 2009

24 Feb 2009 1 1 245
Sidliste housing projects surround Prague in all directions, and any good movie about Prague in the 1970's or 1980's will generally include scenes of their construction, which was a constant fixture of life at that time. Today, most are still occupied and doing well, in sharp contrast to East Germany, where many of their equivalents have been torn down.

Sidliste Krc in the Snow, High-Saturation Version,…

24 Feb 2009 1 2 247
In the post-Communist era, most of the Sidliste projects have been modernised and rebuilt, and most of these rebuilds have included colorful repainting. This is what happened when I took the relatively bleak winter scene below, and cranked the contrast and saturation up.

DPP #8554 at Nadrazi Holesovice, Prague, CZ, 2009

24 Feb 2009 226
This is one of two tram stops at Nadrazi Holesovice, one at either end of the Metro station. This end includes a bus station, plus the one preserved "Nadrazi Franze Kafky" sign that I know of.

Lighthouse Building, Prague, CZ, 2009

24 Feb 2009 188
The Lighthouse is a post-Communist office building in the Holesovice neighborhood, right next to Libensky Most and the River Vltava. It is one of the better known modern buildings in Prague.

Metro Train at Flora, Prague, CZ, 2009

24 Feb 2009 283
This is my first ever photo on Metro Line A, as I've never gotten around to taking high-speed film on Line A, but my cameraphone handled it fine, if you don't mind motion blur.

DPP #9153 at Malostranska, Prague, CZ, 2009

25 Feb 2009 202
Since I started my thread about the Skoda 14t trams in the Prague Trams group, a new batch have been ordered, and if I'm not mistaken this is one of the first of them. The highest number I've spotted so far is 9170, but I don't know if it will be the last.

Lighting Fixture in Palac Adria, Prague, CZ, 2009

25 Feb 2009 183
Here's the first of a series of interior shots that I did of Palac Adria, this one of one of the lighting fixtures. In spite of the appearance of this shot, I took this during the day.

Chandelier in Palac Adria, Prague, CZ, 2009

25 Feb 2009 248
The main lobby of Palac Adria is round, with windows looking down from the Mezzanine level. It also features more fancy lighting fixtures, including this chandelier.

Train Mosaic in Palac Adria, Prague, CZ, 2009

25 Feb 2009 196
Here's one of the mosaics in Palac Adria that I mentioned earlier. Being a railfan, this is the one that I always remember the best.

Beer Glass, Prague, CZ, 2009

25 Feb 2009 240
I know exactly where the pub I took this is, but I've forgotten the name at the moment. Basically, this was an experiment with the cameraphone resting on the glass, pointing down into it. The beer glass is a Staropramen one, if you can't read the lettering.

DPP #8244 with Other Trams at Radlicka, Prague, CZ…

26 Feb 2009 1 1 250
Lately, I've been shooting more tram photos than ever before at Radlicka, where there's a turning loop and a Metro station (for Line B). Here we can see all but one of the current DPP tram classes, at least if you don't count the T3 variants. From left to right, 8244 is a Tatra T3M, 9150 is a Skoda 14t, and 8750 is a Tatra T6A5.

DPP #8244 with 9150 and 8750 at Radlicka, Prague,…

26 Feb 2009 254
Here's a closer shot of the trams at Radlicka.

Liben Coat of Arms in Palmovka Metro Station, Prag…

26 Feb 2009 218
Liben, in spite of being, in English terminology, only a borough of Prague, has its own coat of arms, seen here in Palmovka Metro station.

Lighthouse Building, Picture 2, Prague, CZ, 2009

26 Feb 2009 187
Here's an alternate shot that I took of the lighthouse building, featuring better sky detail, and a more complete angle on the building, allowing you to see the assymetrical design.

CD #363084-5 in Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, Prague, CZ,…

27 Feb 2009 227
CD #363084-5 is an advertising-liveried Class 363 electric locomotive, promoting not a business, but the children's charity Pomozte Detem.

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