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  • A 'Happy fence Friday' and 'Good wishes' to all.. from Dj.. the 'Pip's show the youngsters in large crop.

    The water trough for the horses is sited to the right hand corner of the picture.. it appears they were all needing a drink as we passed by.. including the youngster.

  • Large crop .. from ''HFF'' 21st. May

  • A ''Happy fence Friday'' and 'Good wishes' .. from .. Dj.

    Today this is a pleasant narrow lane running up from the 'Moss valley'.. here it passes through a cutting.. and at other points is built up onto embankments in order to keep it level as .. over a hundred years ago this track was a very busy and well used…

  • Bradfield.

    The footpath from 'High Bradfield' village down towards 'Bradfield dam' ...

  • A ''HFF'' and 'Good wishes' to everyone... from.. Dj.

    More carrots needed.... we have a new kid on the block...

  • Autumn scene.. 'Ladybank wood'.. Eckington.

    A forestry trail through Ladybank woods - Eckington - Sheffield... Featuring 'Bella' the Border collie. Approaching me at her usual speed of around 90 mph !!

  • Approaching 'Redmires dams' Sheffield.

    Nearing the car parking end of traffic free 'Wyming brook drive' Close to the Redmires dams.

  • Wyming brook drive - Sheffield.

    Now closed to motor traffic...this trail branches left to go around the 'Rivelin dams' - straight ahead leads to the higher 'Redmires dams' .. four reservoirs in total which are used for nearby Sheffield water supplies.

  • Mid November .. 'Penny engine lane' .. Eckington.

    The 'Moss valley' into which this trail extends.. was at one time a thriving industrial community with water powered mills and coal mines. This particular lane carried a light railway.. to aid the industries..and on which locals would pay a penny to take…

  • A 'Happy fence Friday' to all.. and 'Good wishes' too from D.j.

    A view South across the 'Moss valley' towards 'Eckington' .. North East Derbyshire. Keep well everyone.. and stay safe.. ''Best wishes'' to all from .. David J.. UK.

  • A ''HFF'' from Dj... in Chesterfield - Derbyshire.

    Tree leaf cover now obscures most of Chesterfield Parish Church - here is a limited view of the famous 'crooked spire'. It is an Anglican church located in the town of Chesterfield - Derbyshire. Dating back to the 14th century, is widely known for its tw…

  • A ''HFF'' and the 'very best of good wishes' to everyone .. from Dj.

    All the very best of good wishes.. from me.. Dj.. keep well and go steady.

  • ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone.. and 'Good wishes' too.. from Dj.

    We were spotted - by two of the regular horses.. who look forward to their carrots.. the other was content with the usual unlimited quantities of meadow grass...

  • HFF to everyone.. from an almost full.. Derwent dam.

    This.. photo'.. was snapped during a visit... February 26th.... the 'P.I.P' shows the water level at September the 1st 2018... following a dry and most splendid Summer.... it is surprising how quickly the water level rose following a few rainy spells -…

  • A HFF to everyone.. from Dj.. on Ye' Olde' footpath.

    A footpath to the left - and to the right...but to be awkward I proceed straight on.... another notice reads ''Beware of the sneaky bull'' I looked around in fear then I saw him. ....... hiding up a tree.

  • ''HFF'' and 'best wishes' to all .... from the 'Moss valley'

    A further fence picture this week.. the 17th. April... snapped during an 'accepted' 'exercise' walk out - not too far from home... in fact a straight line on Google Earth map shows....1.177 metres.

  • A ''HFF'' to everyone on 'Ipernity'... from... Dj.

    The old Derbyshire village - of 'Castleton' - pictured from the gorge leading to the 'Peak cavern' The picture in picture.. is the view in the opposite direction towards the cavern entrance.

  • A ''HFF'' and 'good wishes' everyone .. from Dj..

    A most delightful walk can be taken along the footpath - which along with several bridges cross back and forth - over the stream known as 'Wyming brook' .. which runs from the 'Redmires dams' near Sheffield to feed the lower 'Rivelin dams.

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