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  • Panhard Dyna X

    Designed during WW2 by the visionary French engineer Jean-Albert Grégoire (1899-1992). Built largely from aluminium, it had an air-cooled flat twin engine, front wheel drive, and all round independent suspension. Sold originally in 1946 as the AFG Dyna…

  • there was a fence

    1 day late - HFF....;-)
    By Berny

  • Imitation...

  • Bare trees

    Another from the same test roll. Easy to include too much foreground when held vertically !! Kodak Vigilant 616 converted to 120. Foma 100 in divided D23

  • An der Martinswand

    Die zwei Menschen die Sven markiert hat wurden mir erst zu Hause bewusst und dadurch die Größenverhältnisse wieder klar.

  • uk140705

  • detail 159

  • Reflet

    Le fond noir lui va bien

  • en attendant l'arrivée des bateaux le Guilvinec

  • P1010540

  • P1040238 (Copier)

  • uk140455

  • q1230599

  • q1230613

  • Jean Ferrat chante : Les Belles Etrangères

    === Sombrero Cordobes (2009) - Photo : Lillebor - Wikimedia Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. === ===

  • Februar 2016

    Kathedrale von Reims
    By pisi

  • La chapelle au fond des bois

    Fond noir

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