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How do I add or remove a photo from a group?

How do I add or remove a photo from a group?
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You need to be a member of a group before being able to add a photo. The group contributions may also require the group moderator's or administrator's review before the contribution becomes added to the group. Make sure you read the possible group rules and limits before you add photos to any group for the first time.

To add your photo

Display your photo and click on the "group" icon on the tool bar situated on the right hand side of your photo. Then on the pop-up menu listing the groups you are a member of, click on the title of the group you wish to add your photo to.

Attention: If you add a non-public photo to a public group it becomes visible to everyone who visits the group or who knows the URL of the photo page. In the photos section of your account and on album pages it will still only be shown to authorized users.

To remove your photo

9.1 I want to add / remove a photo from a group

Proceed the same way as to add a photo, then click on the group highlighted in red to remove your photo. It is only removed from that group, the photo itself is not deleted.