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UOP HRM 326 Week 1 Individual Consulting Assessments

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UOP HRM 326 Week 1 Individual Consulting Assessments

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Select your current organization or an organization you are familiar with to complete the following assignment. You have been hired as an outside consultant to help an organization strengthen employee development. Remembr: in this class all the assignments are connected to the weekly topics and their associated readings.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word consulting assessment (in third person) that answers the following:
•Identify the organization's primary product or service.
•What is the organization's current focus? What are the organization's overarching goals?
•What are the organization's training needs? How do they relate to the overarching goals?
•What effect do the organization's focus and goals have on prioritizing the type and amount of training?
•How would you prioritize specific training needs based on the organization's needs and current focus?
•Why must you consider the organization's size and overarching goals when prioritizing training? What differences would the size of an organization make?

Note: Use caution in cutting & pasting from resources; refer to the Instructor Policies on Written Assignment Expectations.
Remember: Use a common business-like font and color and unless otherwise noted, double space all assignments, spell check, and always relate your assignment to the readings. Those points are always expected as part of any academic assignment. Word count in this class does not include title and reference pages (or slides).
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
(Hint: Reviewing the Gradining Guide is always a good idea before beginning any written assignment)


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