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UOP ECT 246 Week 3 iLab Op

UOP ECT 246 Week 3 iLab Op This doc cannot be viewed.

UOP ECT 246 Week 3 iLab Op - Amps

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ECT 246 Week 3 iLab Op - Amps
Given an operational amplifier (op-amp) circuit schematic, calculate, simulate and measure the input and output voltages, impedance, and signal gain for a inverting, non-inverting, and voltage follower op-amp configurations.
A.Define the basic concepts of an op-amp including its symbol, input modes such as differential inputs, common mode rejection ratio, input and output impedance, slew rate and negative feedback.
B.Examine a common op-amp’s data sheet such as a LM741C to determine the device’s, electrical characteristics, and standard applications.