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KELLER HSM 541 Final Exam

KELLER HSM 541 Final Exam This doc cannot be viewed.

KELLER HSM 541 Final Exam

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HSM 541 Final Exam
(TCO A) Differentiate between urban and rural healthcare in America. Briefly discuss how rural healthcare is different in terms of access, costs, and quality. Use an example to support your point(s).
(TCO D) Differentiate between Medicare and Medicaid roles in the healthcare system, and detail how each agency impacts costs, quality, and access in the delivery of medical care in America. Which program is doing a better job balancing these issues, and why?
(TCO D) Describe how the growing number of uninsured Americans is impacting the U.S. healthcare system. List at least one strategy used at the local, state, or federal level to curb the growing number of uninsured, and describe why it has not yet been implemented.
(TCO C) How does competition among several hospitals impact a community? Identify at least two ways that competition would have a positive impact and two ways that it would have a negative impact on the community.
(TCO B) Discuss whether government plays a role to ensure an adequate healthcare workforce. Identify three ways that local, state, or federal governments can positively impact workforce shortages.