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UOP CRT 205 Week 3 CheckPoint Argument Credibility

UOP CRT 205 Week 3 CheckPoint Argument Credibility This doc cannot be viewed.

UOP CRT 205 Week 3 CheckPoint Argument Credibility

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Due Date: Day 2 [Individual forum]•
Find a link to an online video or print news story from your favorite online news source.•
Your choice of source may range from a major news network to a small opinion magazine, and should not include YouTube or Google Video. Select a story in which claims are made and note the story title and source name. Note: If you cannot obtain a direct link to a video, write a summary of the video’s key points and provide a link to the Web site where you found the clip.
Answer the following questions in a 100- to 200-word response:•
o What claims are being made?
o Do the claims conflict with your personal observations?
o What background information do you have about the claims?
o What is the expertise of the author, if any?
o Is the author biased and untrustworthy, or unbiased and trustworthy?
Post your response and the link to your online source.•