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keller MGMT 591 Complete Week 6

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KELLER MGMT 591 Complete Week 6

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MGMT 591 Week 6 DQ 1
Using the OCI instrument online, and the cultural change background information on Conglomerate, Inc. provided in Doc Sharing, we will be identifying and prioritizing cultural attributes and also identifying areas for change.
Review Profiles 1a (workforce results) and 1b (senior leadership team’s ideal state) closely.
Identify and describe the cultural aspects that management cites as important and contrast them to the cultural attributes that employees report as being expected. How do employees believe they are expected to act to “fit in?”
What are the most significant gaps between management and staff?
What observations can you make on the differences between Conglomerate Inc.’s preferred culture and “ideal” culture presented by HSI?
Once we’ve identified and discussed the gaps, I’ll cue everyone to move onto the review of the suggested change initiatives and onto observations around your own OCI results.
Suppose you were the top manager at your organization. What changes would you make, if any, based on the OCI results you have seen for your organization? How much pressure do you think exists at your organization, for people to fit into the cultural norms at the organization? Think carefully before answering this, Sometimes pressure can be outwardly very heavy. Other times it can be subtle but very strong. What do you think? How strong are the cultural norms? How much pressure is on employees to conform to these cultural norms? Would it be a big breach of etiquette to violate the established norms?
MGMT 591 Week 6 DQ 2
When Jorge Maldonado became general manager of the local civic recreation center, he realized that many changes would be necessary to make the facility a true community resource. Having the benefit of a new bond issue, the center had the funds for new equipment and expanded programming. All he needed to do now was get the staff committed to the new initiatives. Unfortunately, his efforts have been met with considerable resistance to change. A typical staff comment is, “Why do we need all these extras? Everything is fine as it is.” How can Jorge deal with the employees’ resistance to change, to enable him to move the change process along? What is escalation of commitment? How does one get buy in? Getting buy in is sometimes VERY difficult if not impossible without a plan of action. So let’s take this conversation from a “worst case scenario” perspective. Assuming you are a new CEO entering a company with an entrenched culture that has REFUSED to change with several past leaders, what would you do? Might employers sometimes want to prompt turnover at times, by introducing change as a way of getting the turnover?
It is certainly a sneaky and underhanded strategy. Have you ever seen it used by management in the organization where you work?
MGMT 591 Week 6 LSI Styles Profile
MGMT 591 Week 6 OCI Profiles