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keller MGMT 591 Complete Week 2

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KELLER MGMT 591 Complete Week 2

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MGMT 591 Week 2 DQ 1
How do the new practices at Sodexho align with the essentials of performance management? How is Sodexho using social networking to its advantage? What are some potential problems that can arise from organizations using money as the primary means of motivating their employees? Do you have any examples of the problems that can arise? What is cultural stereotyping? “What assumptions and stereotypes might people start making about me?” Do you like these assumptions? If not, are there things you might change about yourself in order to combat any assumptions that you do not like? Has anyone heard of a concept called the “emotional bank account”?
MGMT 591 Week 2 DQ 2
“Ethics in OB” features an ethical scenario where an employee finds confidential papers on a photocopier. Of course, she reviews the papers and notes they are full of information on performance evaluations, pay and bonuses. Using the motivational theories studied, how would you explain what motivates the employee? Explain in-depth what you would do if you were that employee? Please briefly state what Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is about. Passion is an interesting topic when it comes to motivation. Specifically, it gets interesting when we look at the subject of how to motivate people who are NOT passionate about their job. Let’s face it, some jobs are a bit difficult to get passionate about – such as working in a noisy restaurant or working as a toll collector on a bridge. What techniques can we use to motivate employees in positions that do not arouse much passion? We’ve probably all had horrible managers at some point in the past. Have you ever had a manager that was so bad, you found yourself actually demotivated by them? Specifically, what was it about him or her that caused you to loose motivation?
MGMT 591 Week 2 LSI Paper
MGMT 591 Week 2 ODAR Project Proposal