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DEVRY PROJ 410 Week 5 DQ 1

DEVRY PROJ 410 Week 5 DQ 1 This doc cannot be viewed.

DEVRY PROJ 410 Week 5 DQ 1

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As your textbook indicated, business process outsourcing has become an emerging trend in most small- and large-size corporations. This has been particularly true during the last year and a half, as many companies have turned to outsourcing in order to reduce overhead costs during these recessionary times. Identify some companies with which you have been personally associated, or companies that you have read about which have gone through the outsourcing process for some of their business operations. How did affected employees react to the outsource process?
With all of the things that can go wrong with outsourcing do you think that there should be better laws in place to regulate outsourcing? For example, do you think there should be a law that says that a company can not outsource to another company if that company has had minimum wage or safety violations?
In this emerging economy, we hear that a lot more jobs are going overseas, yet at the detriment of the U.S. work force. We always heard of manufacturing being a sector that has looked to overseas for purposes of reducing costs. What are some of the newer business processes that are being outsourced?
Tacit knowledge is based on personal experience, rules of thumb, intuition and judgment. It includes professional know-how and expertise, individual insight and experience, and creative solutions that are difficult to communicate and pass on to others. Explicit knowledge may be equated with "knowing about"; whereas tacit knowledge is equated with "knowing how". As much as 80 percent of an organization's valuable knowledge may be tacit knowledge that is not easily captured and transferred. What are your thoughts?
What are some of the issues that may arise (and how are they resolved) when companies try to transition employees? (As an example, think of an employee being transitioned to a company that has a health care program that is inferior to the one presently provided by the current employer).
What are your thoughts on the outsourcing of the HR function? This is one are that is typically responded to by employees with a lot of skepticism and discontent. What are some pluses for outsourcing it, and some minuses?
Let's suppose you have chosen to outsource a major division of your company (one that employs 20% of your workforce). The employees will either be transitioned to the vendor, transferred to a different division within the firm, or terminated. What do you think are three critical considerations that you must include in the implementation plan for this outsourcing transition? Describe why you would include each of the considerations you