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DEVRY PROJ 410 Week 4 DQ 1

DEVRY PROJ 410 Week 4 DQ 1 This doc cannot be viewed.

DEVRY PROJ 410 Week 4 DQ 1

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The formulation of evaluation criteria has long-lasting implications throughout the life cycle of a contract. The result should be picking the right seller for the contract. In fact, the development of evaluation criteria has often been debated to be one aspect of contract procurement that needs to be closely coordinated with both the contract administrator and project manager. What are your thoughts on the role that the contract manager should have in the development of evaluation criteria? What about the project manager? Who else should be involved in establishing and applying the evaluation criteria?
It is very common to find customers/clients that fail to identify the RFP evaluation criteria during the procurement planning process, and in fact do not define the evaluation criteria until after proposals have been received and the evaluation process is set to begin. What do you think the risk of waiting is until bids have been received to establish the evaluation criteria to be used to select a preferred vendor?
Do you think that clearly defining the evaluation criteria as part of the procurement process also locks in the Client to making his/her selection based on the specific criteria identified, thus reducing the potential for a client making a selection purely on subjective criteria (even through the ranking of proposals on a pre-defined set of criteria could in itself be subjective)?
Once the evaluation criteria are agreed upon by the outsourcing team, the customer should rank the vendors based on their fulfillment of the criteria. Please Identify the five common steps involved in the evaluation of vendor proposals.
do you think that procurements are rarely protested due to unclear or unspecified evaluation criteria, or do you feel it happens more often than we think? Do you feel a vendor is likely to protest a selection process for the sake of getting the decision overturned and possibly even getting selected, regardless of what it does to the relationship with the client/owner?
Should vendors be aware of the evaluation criteria during the procurement phase, or after they have submitted their proposals/bids?
Why do you think some owners do not like to define the selection/evaluation criteria as part of the request for proposals?
is it bad to have a vendor developing his/her proposal based on the evaluation criteria provided in the RFP or RFQ?