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KELLER MGMT 530 Week 3 Case Analysis Conference Decision Case Part 2

KELLER MGMT 530 Week 3 Case Analysis Conference Decision Case Part 2 This doc cannot be viewed.

KELLER MGMT 530 Week 3 Case Analysis Conference Decision Case Part 2

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wo weeks after New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, you made the decision to postpone the conference and select a different city to hold the conference. Based on your initial objectives and a survey you took of the registered attendees, you created the following consequence table based on the information available.
Cancel conference for this year—schedule for next year Keep in New Orleans, but schedule for a later date (when the hotels re-open) Keep same dates, but move to another city Move to another city and schedule for a later date


Maximize attendance Does not meet objective.
Senior management stated that cancelling is not an option. Does not meet objective.
Uncertainty on when New Orleans will be back in business is too far off. Does not meet objective.
Cost and logistics of finding a new location and getting attendees to change flights with such short notice is cost prohibitive. Meets objective.
In a survey of attendees, they would be willing to look at a new date in October and were most interested in Las Vegas, Chicago, or New York as alternative sites.

Keep conference costs at current level Does not meet objective.
Refunding registration fees would cause a loss for conference. Does not meet objective.
Because of uncertainty with city, the registration fees would need to be refunded. Does not meet objective.
Conference would lose money and incur additional costs for last minute scheduling. Meets objective.
A preliminary survey shows that costs would be similar to current budget.
From the survey, you found out that the attendees were willing to still come to the conference and suggested three cities as possible new locations for this year’s event.
1. Chicago
2. Las Vegas
3. New York City
As you move forward in locating available hotels and conference facilities, you formulate the following objectives to select which cities will be best to hold the rescheduled conference.