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  • Landscape (on explore)

  • Magic beads 25/365 ( explore)

    For TSC Pick 3 of something, whatever subject you want 3 buttons 3 glasses 3 banana's 3 people 3 snowmen etc. they can be matching or not... it doesn't matter, as long as the item is the same. Now the challenge bit is to have your picture focused on on…

  • 6242 alien flip (male)

    5 Water drops with food colouring

  • Pont du diable - Devil's bridge

    En Grand et details en cliquant sur les notes Pont du diable a Saint- Palais-sur-mer Music : Madona : Devil pray ♫♪ . . ♫♪

  • casting a spill

    leica (typ 112) with vario-summicron lens @200mm eq. manual focus macro, single shot drive. shot for 'the sunday challenge' - 3 of a kind, but different. the world appeared to be our oyster for this weeks task, but the more i thought about it the harde…

  • Calima (by HR)

    Calima ist eine Wettersituation auf den Kanaren. Warmer Ostwind sorgt mit viel feinem Staub in der Luft für eine eigenartige Stimmung. Das Gebäude ist das Auditorio de Tenerife und steht in Santa Cruze de Tenerife. Es ist ein Kongress und Konzerthaus. Mit…

  • Austria - Kleinwalsertal, Kanzelwand area

    Deckchairs on the terrace of mountain restaurant 'Adlerhorst' waiting for sun lovers. See for more info about Kleinwalsertal and Oberstdorf: members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/22d00e/

  • A little frost

  • Punica Granatum

  • crocsenbois

  • L'Arbre Nu...

    Fond noir.......merci
    By Lise

  • Winter /Blau Raureif

    Winter in 2007... Thank you to everyone who stopped by to watch, leave a comment, favourite, award, invitation to the group

  • Overheads

  • A Half Rain

    Cochise County, Arizona

  • Ważka

    Tio furoras - 14.08.2014

  • DSC 6670

  • bedroom #01

    Delta 3200 in xtol 1+1 15 minutes @1250ASA. Print onto ilford multigrade warmtone in adotol wa. Finished in moersch selen 1+30 1,5 minutes.

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