PCB Rework Service at BEST

BEST Inc have a highly skilled and certified staff able to work on your printed circuit board rework project. We have the best tools in the industry including an onsite capability for reballing devices. BEST have been performing PCB rework services for many years. To get more info please visit: www.solder.net

BEST Inc SMT Rework Course

SMT rework is an advanced level course provided by BEST Inc. The advanced SMT packages including: 0402 and 0201 chip style parts, 15 and 20 mil pitch TSOP and QFP's, PLCC sockets, full and perimeter array BGA's, and mirco BGA's. To get more details just visit: www.solder.net/training-courses/advance-smt-rework

Reballing BGA.1

BEST Inc. have professional expert who diagnose and troubleshoot the difficulties having with Reballing BGA process. Many ancillary services can be performed by BEST as part of the BGA reballing services including cleaning, marking, tape/reeling and other testing services. Visit: Reballing BGA

PCB X-ray Inspection Services

BEST, Inc. offers PCB x-ray inspection services in real time for failure analysis or production inspection of PCBs. PCB x-ray inspection today is a necessity on modern printed circuit boards as there are many devices which have non-inspectable surfaces. To Know More: PCB X-ray Inspection

Standrd BGA Inspection Services | BEST Inc

BEST offers BGA inspection services in order to confirm rework, help diagnose process problems and make sure the inspection criteria of your customers. BGA Inspection services can be used for volume production, process validation or process troubleshooting.

Laser Wire Stripping at BEST Inc.

BEST laser ablation process or Laser Wire Stripping allows removal of coatings from lengths of fine wire and cable while leaving a removable plug of coating on the very tips of the cable to prevent fraying.

BGA Rework and Repair Service | BEST Inc

BEST offers BGA Rework services at quality standard with the help of their professional technicians who provides the service of highest standard in the industry. In this BGA rework process, the heating is often achieved in a specialized rework station and there is a great care required to ensure that only the BGA is heated.

Gold Embrittlement mitigation Services at BEST Inc

BEST provides Gold Embrittlement Mitigation services at quality standard with the help of their expert technicians. Gold does not tarnish, it is a solderable surface, has a long shelf life and does not oxidize. Also, Gold embrittlement mitigation through lead tinning is the best answer to uncertainty as defined by the J-STD-001F. Therefore in order to be safe, removal of the gold eliminates the potential reliability impact concerns based for the exact amount of gold on the leads and terminals. Gold embrittl…

BGA Pad Repair Services at BEST Inc.

During reballing or mechanical digging the BGA Pads may have been damaged due to improper part removal. BEST have professional technicians who provides BGA Pad Repair services for damaged circuits at high-quality. We have ability to make custom traces and pads in order to reduce the time and cost.
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