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  • 20071006 0831c

    Sleeping sisters

  • 20100813 01098c

    Rolling around

  • autumn colors...hobart tasmania

  • Sweden - Ronneby, Brunnspark

    At the end of the 19th century Ronneby Brunn was a famous spa. People went here for the nourishing mineral water as well as the beautiful surroundings. The beautiful Brunnspark is a spa park with a history that goes back to 1705, when a Danish landscape d…

  • Sweden - Karlskrona, Kungsbron

    In the past - when the most frequently way to visit Karlskrona was by water - Kungsbron (Kingsbridge) was the front door to the city. The residents of Karlskrona once gathered at Kungsbron to welcome kings and other guests. The pink and white building i…


  • Brown eyed Lynx

    Scandinavian Lynx, Norway If you have some question about my animal photos, please read my article about it: www.ipernity.com/blog/anitapricephotogra phy/734361 All rights reserved © by Anita Price Photography Made it to #2 on Ipernity Explore 30/8-14.…

  • The cottage

    Among redwoods A better view in lightbox

  • Up close

    Lily flower

  • la rue

  • le village rouge

  • l'écoute


  • red man in the city

  • Tag Game : Do you love ... Blue (I do)

    Nordic Blue hotel. I love turqouise!

  • Elmsta guest harbour

    I'm on vacation and it's hot and sunny! Yay! Beautiful warm nights are so rare here. Greetings to all friends, Lina

  • Reading The Old Testament, Rachel.

    acrylique sur toile.

  • Sous l'olivier...

  • Iphygénie, offered in sacrifice.

    work in progress...just a part of a painting whose dimensions make me unable to take a photo without killing the space...

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