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Gone Fishing / Aug 2020

HFF everyone!

Gold Hill ~ Shaftesbury

Dodham Brook ~ Ninesprings

River Stour ~ Blandford Forum.

Preening Time (Mute Swans) / Feb 2016

Collared Dove / Mar 2021

Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-200MRTT ) ~ ZZ333

HBM from Lollycocks field

Glencoe Lochan Reflections

Autumn above Loch Leven

A seat with a view ~ HBM

Balurcos de Cima, Nightfall

Linaria spartea, Fumaria officinalis, Echium plant…

Penedos, Winter joy, Reseda luteola, Fumaria offic…

Mist at the Docks / Nov 2020

In Coming Tide / Oct 2017

Hayfield / July 2014

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