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Praça da Republica, Tavira (2015)

20 May 2015 72
30 secs Time Lapse, Praça da Republica, Tavira (2015)

Astley Abbotts

Pool at Manor Farm at Astley Abbotts.

River Severn at Chestnut Coppice.

03 Jul 2008 62
(4315 views on Panoramio)

Footpath through a field of peas from Stanley Lane…

Astley Abbotts, Shropshire

Sunrise over Newbury, September 2016.

08 Nov 2016 68
Late September sunrise over Newbury taken from the aircraft.

View to the Long Mynd from the track to Spring Ban…

Path up to the Trig Point (203m) in Hawthorn Bank

Path through rape leading down to Barrow Dingle an…

Unsteady footbridge in Barrow Dingle near Barrow

Looking towards Willey from near Barrow Farm

Church of St. Giles at Barrow (Grade I Listed Buil…

19 Jun 2008 73
Lovely spot for lunch in the sun. (1287 views in Panoramio) “St. Giles’s, in the small hamlet of Barrow, is one of Shropshire’s oldest churches, founded on the estates of one of England’s earliest monasteries, Wenlock Abbey (later Priory). Even though it does not occupy the highest point in the parish, it would have been a fair trek uphill for the 8th Century inhabitants of the Abbey who used the building as a small stone oratory, or ‘cell’, for solitary prayer. Over 1200 years of history is packed into the fabric and atmosphere of our church.”

Looking towards Much Wenlock from Barrow

The Round House, a old crenulated brick Tollhouse

19 Jun 2008 60
Perhaps built in the late 1700s. (1815 views in Panoramio)

Willey Old Hall (Grade II* Listed Building)

19 Jun 2008 56
(1038 views in Panoramio)

The Church of St. John the Baptist at Willey

19 Jun 2008 70
(1881 views in Panoramio)

Looking over Lower Pool towards Willey Hall

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