The greatest fence I ever did see!


The greatest fence I ever did see!

25 Apr 2017 46 77 567
HFF everybody and I hope the uploading problems are fixed very soon! Also H.A.N.W.E.!

HFF everyone!! H.A.N.W.E. as well!! Pleased to hav…

19 Aug 2012 57 73 804
Only the fence posts survive but it'll do for me! Gurnard's Head, Zennor, Cornwall. With montbretia. The South West Peninsula Coast Path.

A particularly Happy Fence Friday this week! Also…

02 Aug 2015 51 65 539
Garden, Saint Day. I make no excuses for posting another photo from my mother's garden. In any case, I haven't posted as many as some people seem to think and none for a few months!!

HFF! Colombia metro station, Madrid

29 Apr 2012 41 58 619
There is a logical explanation for this sculpture which was noted on my Pano upload of this shot but which was stolen by Google and I can't now remember what it is! Anyway I find the effect quite surreal!

HFF everyone! A rare Cornish fence.

14 Aug 2014 63 103 924
Reskajeage, above Fishing Cove. The coast sweeps past Hell's Mouth (partly hidden), North cliffs and St Agnes' Head and on to Perranporth and Newquay. Taken not all that far from the previous shot with the honeysuckle (although two years later). The reason why the post is perfectly presented and everything else is slightly bokeh-ish is because I forgot to switch off the flash (although Ben - Fratton Parker kindly explains that it is 'fill-in flash' and not a mistake!).

Mar de Cristal Metro Station, Madrid

05 Mar 2012 33 51 554
Typical of the Madrid metro designs in its great expansive phase from about 1995 to the onset of the recession and, deliberately over-edited by me, this represents a positive, thrusting, energetic attitude that faltered somewhat when the recession struck. However the legacy has left a metro network that, in large parts. exudes a dynamic upbeat feel that is very seductive. It still needs to be paid for, however!

HFF, everyone! Happy horse browsing among the blac…

19 Aug 2012 47 65 631
The town of Saint Day is on the skyline. My parents live here. This is a tranquil scene. But in the middle decades of the nineteenth century, this would have been hell on earth. It was the mining capital of the world for tin, copper, and arsenic.

HFF! A corner of Pinner.

24 Jun 1979 35 59 526
Pinner, Middlesex, One of the few true villages still extant in the London area. A photo from 1979 - my Pentax ME SLR and b/w film, scanned. I came here for a job interview. I was in my last year at uni. I was early and walked around and took a few photos (I had packed my SLR with my notes for the interview for some strange reason). I did OK at the interview, forgot all about it, went to France for a year after my finals, then got a message from my Dad that the firm in Pinner wanted to know what had happened as I had been due to start many months ago! I had very little recollection of all this, except a few black and white photos, of which this is one. Upshot: 35 years work in the Financial Services Industry, starting with this firm in Pinner before I finally upped sticks and came to Spain 7 years ago. That was the short answer. The long answer is ...........

HFF!!! and Cheers!!!!

08 Aug 2015 49 62 489
. The Logan Rock pub, Treen (South), West Penwith, Cornwall. A terrific pub in the far west of Cornwall (and there are so many!).

HFF! Roadworks outside my flat.

01 Jun 2017 29 65 397
Dedicated cycle lanes being built at the expense of parking for the residents. That's progress, I suppose. It means my girlfriend now can't park outside, but has to trawl the side streets for hours looking for a parking space. :o)


20 May 2017 34 51 454
A Valdemanco garden, fenced off from the main road. Sierra de La Cabrera just visible. Note the hollows around the young (and therefore vulnerable to drought) fruit trees. All household waste water is usefully disposed of here. ... And this Spring has been exceptionally dry.

Happy Fence Friday!

18 Jul 2012 74 90 864
Rhodochriton (sometimes called Purple Bell Vine). A climber originally from Southern Mexico and Guatamala. It is very happy in Cornwall! Garden in Saint Day, Cornwall

There's a fence in there somewhere!

11 Aug 2016 57 66 605
HFF! Castle at Manzanares el Real, Madrid Province. El Yelmo, A prominent peak in the Sierra de La Pedriza, is visible in the background.

HFF!! Plaza de Las Comendadoras, Malasana, Madrid

29 Apr 2013 52 68 545
My girlfriend saw the camera and ... there she goes ... walking away very smartish!

A very Happy Fence Friday to everyone who helped a…

10 Apr 2017 50 77 685
Spring Greens! From the Roman road near El Escorial.

Happy Fence Friday, ipernity survivors and perseve…

08 Jul 2012 60 106 868
Pasiflora. My Mum's garden again! Despite some sour and peevish comments many of us received from an unexpected source (unexpected to me anyway!), let's make this terrific site flourish!! 'Surely it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness!'

Colmenar de Oreja, Plaza Mayor.

25 Apr 2016 44 47 637
Sorry about this HFF shot two days early but my plans are too fluid to know whether I'll be on-line on Friday or not! This was taken on April 25, 2016 as the town was preparing for it's bull feria..

HFF everybody, and maybe one we didn't expect to s…

26 May 2012 65 83 821
One of the happiest HFF shots I can remember posting for a few months! Now all we need to do is make it work!! Wild flowers near Valdemanco, Madrid, on the approach to La Sierra de La Cabrera.

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