This is my mushroom rock!

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Cornish Garden.

02 Sep 2011 66 95 1235
My Mother's garden, St Day, Cornwall. Taken 2011, First posted on ipernity 2017.

Wheal Coates tin mine from Tubby's Head, Cornwall.…

04 Aug 2014 69 93 1323
St Agnes' Heritage Coast, August 2014. Granite cliffs (and rock samphire in the foreground).


20 Dec 2013 73 154 1689
Plaza Chueca, Madrid. Christmas lights in the rain. First shown in 2016 on ipernity from a shot taken in 2013. I can't upload my new 2020 Christmas shot so a blast from the past will have to suffice!

Orchid (Anacamptis picta). Spring revisited no 6.…

02 Jun 2013 89 113 1604
These are profuse here between April and June, as are others including a Snake's Tongue variety. Well, early June is still spring in the Sierra. Anacamptis picta, is the name of this variety. I have Ronald Losure to thank for this information. He has included more information and photos in a useful link alongside his comment below. Shot taken 2013 and first posted on ipernity 2016.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

10 Apr 2017 76 112 1536
The Palace-monastery from the Herreria Woods, Abantos behind. The Capital of Much of the Known World, circa 1590.

Wild tulips (having a party). Sierra de La Cabrer…

25 Jun 2013 74 93 1562
They only open at the height of the strongest sun and when the temperature gets really hot, sometimes for an hour or so only. I have seen them closed on a sunny and warm day - it just wasn't quite hot enough. This is not photoshopped or edited in any major way. The tulip colours and the grey of the degraded granite were as seen. Sight and sound!

Porthcadjack Cove, Cornwall north coast, heather a…

22 Jul 2012 127 164 1789
South West Peninsula coast Path between Basset Cove and Ralph's Cupboard, Portreath, Cornwall. For Pam. Full screen best, I think. I simply felt like showing it again. It cheers me up! Hope it does the same for you. An addition to Project 21, April: Flowers.

Gurnard's Head, Zennor, Cornwall

17 Jul 2012 62 81 1067
South West Peninsula Coast Path. Tin mine ruins, July 2012

St Agnes' Head, Cornwall

05 Aug 2014 67 70 896
Granite cliffs at St Agnes' Head, St Agnes' Heritage Coast. Good fun scrambling down to this point and good exercise getting back up! I used to to do it 10 times a day when I was trying to lose the weight I put on after I quit smoking! It worked! Try on Z please.

Crane Islands from Basset Cove, Cornwall

04 Aug 2012 67 99 1231
Part of my low tide walk between Porthcadjack and Greenbank Coves. This is not the lowest the tide gets. I normally walk across here further out to sea. I can only guess that the tide is on the way out as I would never attempt it if it were coming in! .

Porthmeor Farm, Zennor, Cornwall. HFF!

20 Jul 2012 71 110 1130
HFF to all my ipernity and IMA friends. There is a fence in there somewhere; the horse has got it (almost) covered!

Honeysuckle, Fishing Cove, Cornwall

15 Aug 2012 101 117 1695
High above the beach by the side of the steep path. A lazy, hazy summer's afternoon. The cliffs seen here are called The Knavocks. No idea why.

Porthcadjack, with Samphire and Asparagus Islands…

04 Aug 2012 46 60 849
A favourite low tide walk / scramble. Cornwall north coast.

HFF!!! Rhodochiton in my mother's garden

18 Jul 2012 77 123 1669
Garden in St Day, Cornwall

Poppies. Algete, Spain, May 2016.

04 May 2016 95 115 1294
Madrid Province. Very close to the capital! On the horizon, La Sierra de La Cabrera.

Wheal Coates tin mine. Towanroath pumping engine-h…

03 Aug 2012 58 75 1065
The tin mines extended far under the sea. St Agnes' Heritage Coast, Cornwall.

St Agnes' Head from Tubby's Head

11 Jul 2012 38 49 1364
Lichen and rock samphire in the foreground. Taken July 2012 and first posted on ipernity 2016.

North Cliffs from Reskajeage Downs, Cornwall

05 Aug 2012 47 55 1048
The notorious (for shipping anyway) Hell's Mouth is tucked in the cliffs in the middle distance. Fundraising is still going on. Apparently and, ultimately, IMA need at least 50.000 $ to continue Ipernity into 2018!

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