Trereen Dinas (South). Spot the Dartmoor ponies.

06 Aug 2012 63 85 701
Porthcurno, Logan Rock, granite,Cornwall, Dartmoor ponies, Shasta daisies, heather

Barleyfield, North Cliffs, Cornwall

04 Aug 2012 67 79 715
The cliffs and the sea are one foot behind me.

La Sierra de La Cabrera - from the ridge.

06 Jun 2014 54 75 787
There is a way down from here but not recommended!

inaccessible beach, Porthtowan, Cornwall

12 Aug 2012 58 67 641
Well, I suppose it IS accessible, but only by boat!

Happy Fence Friday!

18 Jul 2012 74 90 836
Rhodochriton (sometimes called Purple Bell Vine). A climber originally from Southern Mexico and Guatamala. It is very happy in Cornwall! Garden in Saint Day, Cornwall

Wheal Coates, Cornwall

03 Aug 2012 54 68 692
Towanroath Pumping Engine House, Wheal Coates tin mine, Chapel Porth.

There's a fence in there somewhere!

11 Aug 2016 57 66 597
HFF! Castle at Manzanares el Real, Madrid Province. El Yelmo, A prominent peak in the Sierra de La Pedriza, is visible in the background.

Porthcadjack, Cornwall

01 Aug 2012 50 78 492
On 'Z', please. The 1st of August 2012 was an amazing day for weather (Don't forget; in England we don't have climate, we have weather!). It had everything from hail and thunder, fog, high winds, very rough seas to beautiful calm seas and blue skies - the whole gamut from A-Z except snow!!

South West Peninsula Coast Path, Cornwall

23 Jul 2011 56 78 548
The steep path up from Trevaunance Cove and towards Newdown's Head, St Agnes District.

HFF!! Plaza de Las Comendadoras, Malasana, Madrid

29 Apr 2013 52 68 538
My girlfriend saw the camera and ... there she goes ... walking away very smartish!

Dawn. Plaza de Colón, Madrid

20 May 2013 59 81 640
One of the joys of teaching Business English is the early start of a morning! Top executives want to have their classes between 7 and 8:30. I do sometimes get to see sunrises in compensation!

Happy Fence Friday, ipernity survivors and perseve…

08 Jul 2012 59 106 853
Pasiflora. My Mum's garden again! Despite some sour and peevish comments many of us received from an unexpected source (unexpected to me anyway!), let's make this terrific site flourish!! 'Surely it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness!'

Porthcadjack, Cornwall

04 Aug 2012 57 80 630
Very low tide. Looking between Asparagus and Samphire Islands over to one of the Crane Islands.

Poppies. Algete, Spain, May 2016.

04 May 2016 93 117 965
Madrid Province. Very close to the capital! On the horizon, La Sierra de La Cabrera.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

10 Apr 2017 74 114 1129
The Palace-monastery from the Herreria Woods, Abantos behind. The Capital of Much of the Known World, circa 1590.

HFF everybody, and maybe one we didn't expect to s…

26 May 2012 65 83 798
One of the happiest HFF shots I can remember posting for a few months! Now all we need to do is make it work!! Wild flowers near Valdemanco, Madrid, on the approach to La Sierra de La Cabrera.

Crane Islands from Basset Cove, Cornwall

04 Aug 2012 66 105 933
Part of my low tide walk between Porthcadjack and Greenbank Coves. This is not the lowest the tide gets. I normally walk across here further out to sea. I can only guess that the tide is on the way out as I would never attempt it if it were coming in! .

HFF! (yes it's there on the left).

21 May 2014 58 99 722
Some of you may remember, from Panoramio, this piece of land belonging to my girlfriend. She is still trying to sell it, if anyone is interested! In the foreground; Spanish lavender.

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