La Sierra de La Cabrera - from the ridge.

La Sierra de La Cabrera

Valley of Bustarviejo from the Sierra de La Cabrer…

24 Mar 2012 48 46 244
Valdemanco is the nearer valley village (where I normally start and finish my walks in the Sierra) and the village of Bustarviejo is at the head of the valley.

Rock window. H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

24 Mar 2012 46 36 231
Sierra de La Cabrera.

More splendid granite walking country.

19 Aug 2015 35 34 247
Ahead are the three highest peaks of La Sierra de La Cabrera, Cancho de La Bola in the centre, Cancho Gordo to its right and Cancho Largo further right still. Cancho Largo is taller than Cancho Gordo by only 2 metres at 1.564 m (5,131 ft).

Sierra de La Cabrera granite

19 Aug 2015 38 34 238
Looking north across the Lozoya Valley

Yet another granite one!

30 Jun 2012 31 33 233
La Sierra de La Cabrera

Even more granite! High on the ridge.

15 Jun 2012 42 39 287
La Sierra de La Cabrera. All oldies from me for a few days at least while I take it easy after an operation for a detached retina. All OK, I just can't spend long in front of a screen for a bit!

Sierra de La Cabrera.

30 Sep 2012 43 49 262
From Cancho Gordo near the top.

La Sierra de La Cabrera and monastery

15 May 2011 31 39 240
Convento Monasterio de San Julian Y San Antonio below the granite crags of the Sierra de La Cabrera.

Even more granite! H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

10 Mar 2012 33 34 225
La Sierra de La Cabrera.

La Sierra de La Cabrera

29 May 2011 33 32 253
Granite again! (Perhaps on Z for the rocky detail) I wanted to post some local shots but today (and the past week) has been clouded by another calima dust / sand cloud from the Sahara. Miserable! So, another from my archives!

Unexpected snow storm about to hit.

01 May 2012 41 49 283
Sierra de La Cabrera. I know I've posted this before but I'm happy for it to have another airing!

Granite, cistus and sky.

26 May 2012 36 31 276
Typical Sierra de La Cabrera walking country.

La Sierra de La Cabrera

09 Oct 2011 52 59 280
Granite playground. On Z please for the rocky detail.

Under the ridge. H. A. N. W. E. everybody!

21 Jan 2012 40 42 238
Cancho de La Bola. Home of vultures. There's one soaring above La Bola itself; that white guano-stained boulder at the top. Taken from a snowy GR10 (long-distance path from Lisbon to Valencia). This shows a middle section of La Sierra de La Cabrera.

Wild lavender, babble and dapple

25 May 2013 46 52 258
Iberian lavender (or cantueso) and mountain stream babbling over granite and dappling in the late spring sun a few years ago.

Cancho de La Bola, granite home of vultures. Bette…

09 Apr 2011 40 50 240
Typical granite extravaganza. Favourite scrambling, rock-hopping and walking country, La Sierra de La Cabrera. This would have been on one of my very early walks here, when I was blown away by the granite forms. 100 + walks later and I still am!

Is it a bird? Is it Superman? Is it a ...

10 Feb 2021 32 40 267
Unexpected sight from the back of the house today - the contrail from A PLANE!!!! Not sure the last time I remember seeing one! Skyline of La Sierra de Guadarrama (The smaller Siera de La Cabrera, my favourite walking area, is the jagged, lower ridge to the right).

Granite 'sculpture'

09 Jan 2013 54 46 247
Typical granite, La Sierra de La Cabrera. I'm not sure if it's a Henry Moore or a Barbare Hepworth.

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