Granite. Torre de Valdemanco, Sierra de La Cabrera

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Granite. Torre de Valdemanco, Sierra de La Cabrera

20 May 2017 42 67 582
Amazingly, my first walk in the Sierra de La Cabrera since December 2015! And it hasn't changed a bit!

Still guarding the pass. An old friend.

20 May 2017 39 42 518
El Cancho Largo, Sierra de La Cabrera, Madrid province.

Penberth Cove, Cornwall (not Greece!)

08 Aug 2015 34 51 655
Penberth Cove, Southwest Peninsula Coast Path, Cornwall. August 2015

Poppy field, Algete

22 May 2015 28 55 649
Algete, Madrid province, poppy field. May 2015

La Cabrera foggy day. December 2011

10 Dec 2011 34 61 699
Sierra de La Cabrera, Madrid Province. Underneath the fog in the distance is Madrid.

Vulture flight school ('You at the back, pay atten…

09 May 2014 30 58 727
'Watch the Master and learn!' Griffon Vultures, Cancho de La Bola, Sierra de La Cabrera. Granite. Madrid Province

St Agnes' Head, Cornwall

29 Jul 2014 23 24 324
Shot taken from near the end of St Agnes' Head itself.

Downtown Truro.

07 Aug 2015 26 40 517
Truro, Cornwall's County town has many attractive corners such as this.

Pico de La Miel

26 May 2012 47 63 583
Sierra de La Cabrera, May 2012. Pico de La Miel, cantueso (wild lavender field), encina (holm oak) and granite.

Hoyo de Manzanares. A rainy night.

09 Nov 2012 55 87 868
A favourite of mine. The first time I went out with my girlfriend, seen here waiting for the rain to stop!

Southwest Peninsula Coast Path, St Agnes' Head

19 Aug 2014 20 48 585
August 2014. The coast path above St Agnes' Head, Cornwall.

Shortlands Station from the road below. On Z pleas…

20 Nov 2016 37 46 480
Shortlands Station. South East London. I visited my brother briefly last year and took this after exiting (amazingly steadily) from the Shortlands Pub.

Barleyfield, North Cliffs, Cornwall

04 Aug 2012 67 79 715
The cliffs and the sea are one foot behind me.

Hoyo de Manzanares, rainy night

Between Porthcadjack and Basset Cove

04 Aug 2012 33 47 537
A horrible day, weatherwise but later it turned out absolutely gloriously. In England (and more specifically Cornwall) "you don't get climate, you get weather" This is part of a shoreline walk / scramble / rock hop I have done many times and enjoy immensely.

From Zennor Head to Gurnard's Head, Cornwall

20 Jul 2012 19 28 538
A rugged but fun stretch of the South West Peninsula Coast Path. You geographers among you will immediately observe the raised coastal platform!

Sierra de La Cabrera, granite

29 May 2011 37 50 595
I like this strange scraped rock.

Porthcurno, Logan Rock, Pednvounder Beach.Trereen…

06 Aug 2012 56 94 866
Another one of this but it's irresistible! A raincloud that had soaked everyone 15 minutes earlier can be seen scuttling away offshore.

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