Downtown Truro.

Urban shots

Downtown Truro.

07 Aug 2015 26 40 530
Truro, Cornwall's County town has many attractive corners such as this.

HFF!! Plaza de Las Comendadoras, Malasana, Madrid

29 Apr 2013 52 68 547
My girlfriend saw the camera and ... there she goes ... walking away very smartish!

Penryn, Cornwall - a typically cloudy summer's day…

05 Aug 2015 37 55 542
Lower Market Street, Penryn. Now a sleepy backwater, Penryn was one of the major market towns of Cornwall in times gone by.

Hoyo de Manzanares. A rainy night.

09 Nov 2012 55 87 890
A favourite of mine. The first time I went out with my girlfriend, seen here waiting for the rain to stop!

Colmenar de Oreja, Plaza Mayor.

25 Apr 2016 44 47 638
Sorry about this HFF shot two days early but my plans are too fluid to know whether I'll be on-line on Friday or not! This was taken on April 25, 2016 as the town was preparing for it's bull feria..

Monasterio Palacio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial

10 Apr 2017 38 55 557
Vast and imposing edifice, the brainchild of Emperor Felipe II.

Sunday morning surprise.

09 Apr 2017 18 38 454
A bit of a shock to open the curtains this morning and see this directly outside the bedroom window! (Essential repairs to the spire, apparently!). Madrid, Alonso Martinez / Almagro.

Madrid (pleased to see a few photographic shops in…

18 May 2014 35 56 674
Calle de Barquillo. The white building at the end of the street is the Banco de Espana. Not much time left:

My final comment on what Google did to Panoramio!

09 Nov 2012 35 94 824
My girlfriend is never to see this (although she ought to be secretly proud of it!)!!! Hoyo de Manzanares, November 2012.

Patones de Arriba

22 Mar 2015 30 48 551
Close to Madrid but centuries away. On Z please. Last chance to save this site.

HFF!!! Cuatro Torres and sculpture, Chamartin rail…

12 Apr 2014 40 68 805
The sculpture: "A LA DIVERSIDAD HUMANA" Sculpture by Josep Capella and Clara Capo. I have Steve Drury to thank for finding the title from my Pano gallery when I thought Google had erased all notes and comments! Please give as generously as you can:

Saint Day. Dull day.

19 Nov 2016 25 45 608
Not all Cornish photos can be full of exciting clifftops, dramatic skies or sunny days.

Penzance Harbour

Principe Pio Station, Madrid. Artwork from old rai…

20 May 2013 14 27 437
This is pleasing artwork to me and makes worthwhile use of material which would otherwise have been discarded.

Calle de Orellana, Madrid

03 May 2013 18 23 301
Sadly, these wall murals were whitewashed over last year. Photo taken in May 2013, not in 2012 as per the exif!

View from my (very occasional) bedroom window, ear…

12 Aug 2014 33 52 665
Dawn, August 2014. St Day, Cornwall. Well, it's still my bedroom window even if I haven't spent more than 10 nights here in the past 5 years! The building in front is the annexe to my parents house. It comprises a good sized ground floor kitchen and on the upper floor bedrooms and a bathroom. This annexe used to be a temporary bedding down place for tin miners who had worked a late shift; the property being in the possession of a tin mine captain. Poldice Valley seen in the distance and with a chimney just visible, was a world centre of arsenic mining and production. Even today, 150 years later , nothing grows there and certainly no houses can be be built on the poisoned land. The life expectancy of the miners was horrendous! Not all Cornwall is romantic!!!

Chinchon, Madrid Province

Hoyo de Manzanares, rainy night

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