Sierra de La Cabrera

Sierra de Guadarrama

Wild lupin

25 May 2013 47 36 185
I know I posted another one recently and this same one a few months ago, but I missed them this year so here it is again! (I didn't think you´d mind!)

Rosehips and granite

19 Aug 2015 34 24 134
An August shot, judging by the haws. I don't remember how hot it was but it would have been H.O.T.!

Asphodel in the wild.

20 May 2012 48 34 167
Bustarviejo Valley, La Sierra de La Cabrera. They seem to like poor but free-draining soil near a bit of boggy ground (snow melt perhaps)

Hanging rock. Sierra de La Cabrera.

24 Mar 2012 43 33 141
Seeing as we will be off-line tomorrow at some point, and for between 24 and 48 hours, I wonder if this large boulder will have tumbled inbetween times? :o) Well ... rock. - Rock and roll, this rock about to roll off ... or maybe not. But the origin of true rock and roll with Little Richard, respect and R.I.P. I think I have to wait another hour or so as I forgot I posted another to the group last night too!

Madrid in the distance, seen from El Cancho de La…

13 Oct 2012 44 40 168
Sierra de La Cabrera. The Four Towers, Madrid can be seen as a stub on the horizon. (and because I taught at the top of all of them, I also recognise La Torre Europa and La Tore Picasso in this shot).

A favourite tree.

18 Feb 2012 45 30 176
Juniper, toughing it out all alone. A winter shot in La Sierra de La Cabrera, overlooking the Lozoya Valley. A VERY cold day. Works well on full screen.

Cistus, lavender and broom.

03 Jun 2015 40 38 136
A late spring wildflower image in the Sierra de La Cabrera.

Parish church at Zarzalejo. I just think it's a cu…

06 Jan 2019 34 22 114
It's in the 'new' town of Zarzalejo Estación, about a mile and a half from the ancient village of Zarzalejo up the road. Behind is the hill of La Machota Chica, a great pile of granite boulders. All very near the great palace of EL Escorial which I always include in the same walk (not least beacause it is the nearest bus station from Madrid). 5 minutes earlier, the congregation, followed by the priest who locked up after all had left, filed out at the end of Sunday's midday mass.

Above the fog. A fog which, incidentally, covered…

10 Dec 2011 43 33 160
Cancho Gordo, Sierra de La Cabrera on a foggy day (foggy for the plains and valleys of most of Spain that day that is!) This has to go down as the most enjoyable day I spent in these mountains and there have been many! I started out in thick fog, not knowing if I would clear it!

August 2019, and setting up for the night's fiesta…

14 Aug 2019 27 27 108
Plaza Mayor (town square), Guadarrama, under the ancient and venerable, giant elm tree.

Las Agujas del Cancho Gordo.

25 May 2019 47 29 144
Sierra de La Cabrera. This was my last visit, now well over a year ago. In 2011 and 12, I was walking here twice a week. In ideal circumstances I would like to walk here every day!

Buitrago de Lozoya, old walls and gateway.

22 Sep 2016 38 25 130
An old fortified town, 40 miles north of Madrid. The walls are of Moorish origin (11th century), restored in the 15th. The town lies on a peninsula surrounded by the Lozoya river (Wikipedia).

H. A. N. W. E. everybody. San Lorenzo de El Escori…

21 Oct 2011 26 22 111
A bit too far for as clear a shot as I would have liked, especially without lenses, tripod etc, but the magnificent palace / monastery is visible for many miles around, especially from the surrounding mountains of La Sierra de La Guadarrama.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial from the Bosque de La H…

05 Dec 2015 37 29 127
A late autumn scene. The nerve centre of Felipe II's imperial beaurocracy. It controlled the largest empire the world had known. Best on full scren.

La Sierra de La Cabrera,

15 May 2012 24 16 91
A mountain stream over granite.

Granite, broom, gorse and lavender.

22 Jun 2012 44 31 128
La Sierra de La Cabrera - fabulous walking country. Midsummer; but in reality late spring in the mountains.

Just after the storm

14 Oct 2018 51 49 174
From my sister´s home. Valderray, Algete, Madrid Province. Perhaps on 'black' or 'z'

Sierra de La Cabrera

13 Oct 2012 44 32 147
Convento Monasterio de San Antonio y San Julian. Pico de La Miel. Granite country.

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