Sierra de La Cabrera

Sierra de Guadarrama


Foggy day throughout the centre of Spain that day.

10 Dec 2011 46 34 109
I set out on the bus from Madrid in thick fog. I started my walk thinking I had a one in ten chance of emerging through the mirk! So was overjoyed when I did!

H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

15 Jun 2012 40 39 110
Cantueso. The name of this lavender variety. It used to be thought of as the same as a similar-looking Provençal variety; it looks the same. But DNA profiling proved it was distinct. By the way, the two top 'petals' are in fact modified leaves. ADDED NOTE: It seems I was misinformed. This Wilki link is more accurate and up-tp-date!

Rock window

13 Sep 2013 39 34 99
Sierra de La Cabrera granite. There are a number of great rock windows in this granite sierra.

Las Machotas and San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

21 Oct 2011 31 23 89
A hazy day day (well, that is my excuse!). The palace is about 1/3 in from the left and about 1/3 down.

Sierra de La Cabrera. Cistus, fir and granite.

25 May 2019 35 20 76
Towards the Lozoya Valley. Late spring.

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