A favourite tree. HFF everyone!


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A favourite tree. HFF everyone!

02 May 2018 58 84 254
The Retiro Park, Madrid. I've liked this tree since my first visit to see my sister in Madrid, back in 1981 (and somewhere I may just have some slides of me, my sister and my old school French exhange partner all sitting on this tree! I will try and find them - but on reflection, they've long since disappeared, sadly!)

Madrid skyline from El Pardo.

09 Mar 2013 66 68 401
El Pardo is the large park (former royal hunting territory) to the northwest of Madrid.

HFF everyone!

25 Jul 2020 54 68 384
Oleander, Parque de Santander, Madrid. Oleander is ubiquitous in Central and Southern Spain (and Portugal) and its flowers are either red, pink or white. It is used as a border on Spanish motorways in Andalucia (and California, I am reliably informed).

Autumn ginkgo

22 Nov 2012 60 67 472
Quite spectacular colours for a week or two. (I can't remember if 'quite' in American English means very or is a more non-descript 'ok - ish' because in British English it could mean either, depending on the context. Here I most definitively mean 'very'!)

Torre A

03 Sep 2020 48 48 293
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid. Sept 2020. I was driven past here yesterday and it still didn't look any further completed even though they have resumed playing matches here this season.

Puente de Toledo, Madrid

12 Sep 2019 57 43 321
Rio Manzanares can just be seen trickling between the trees, with the millennium Bridge in the distance..

El Retiro. Madrid

20 Feb 2020 70 57 449
A future HFF shot, perhaps.

Príncipe Pío, old and new.

14 Apr 2013 51 57 405
Príncipe Pío metro and mainline station, Madrid. Modern escalator handrail and much older ironmongery. One for Project 21 from the archives on the theme of transport just before entries close ('in the nick of time!')

Hospital de Maudes

29 Dec 2020 49 45 262
Former hospital, now govt. offices. Just round the corner from where I lived till recently. www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/album/1277734

HFF! Water Tower photo exhibition.

01 Oct 2020 58 79 330
The Madrid water company Canal de Isabel II turned this old water depository into an exhibition centre. Fine if you don't mind climbing many steps! This is the top level of 5. Better on black.

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Work in progress.

22 Mar 2021 42 40 294
I last took a shot here 6 months ago (I've moved out of the area). I thought there would have been more progress but it seems not much really. Full screen best for this I think. www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/album/1279798

"Just checking, dear; thought I heard something in…

19 Jun 2016 57 95 352
HFF, Everyone! Madrid. Parque de El Capricho. Palacio de Los Duques de Osuna.

Príncipe Pío Station, Madrid

08 Feb 2020 36 27 304
Mainline train above and metro train below.

Parque de Santander, Madrid

01 Mar 2020 41 40 272
Not far from where I used to live.

Santiago Bernabéu reconstruction. H. A. N. W. E. E…

26 Aug 2020 32 29 229
Another one from last year and the rebuilding of the stadium, home of Real Madrid Football Club.

HFF, everyone!

02 Aug 2020 44 77 290
Parque de Santander, Madrid. My local park until recently.

Plaza de Castilla, Madrid, Torres Kio and the Hypo…

17 Dec 2020 41 50 304
The tall and thin sculpture to the right of the shot is called, irreverently, the Hypodermic Needle.

Pomegranate tree

31 May 2011 35 36 439
Parque Juan Carlos I, Madrid. Spring Revisited no 10.

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