• Water tower 1911-1952. Now an art gallery

    I posted this first of all a week ago and in trying to move it to a new album today, I deleted it by mistake with all the comments and faves. (I now know how to do it!). Sorry everyone, I'm still learning how to use the site! So I uploaded it again!.

  • Chamartin Station and the Four Towers, Madrid

  • Dawn, Hortaleza, Madrid

    From my balcony one morning in 2013.

  • La Finca, Madrid

    Prestigious business park. I used to give many English classes, in company, here.

  • Dawn. Hortaleza, Madrid

    Another fine sunrise to wake up to. I was fortunate for a few months as there were many such sunrises (Late 2012, early 2013).

  • Teleferico, Madrid

    From Arguelles in the City centre to the Caso de Campo. A nice trip (about 10 minutes long).

  • El Puente de Los Franceses, Madrid

    A fine and famous bridge over the Rio Manzanares. Photo taken in November 2012, despite my camera giving the wrong date and impossible to correct!

  • Parque de Bomberos No 1 (for Campayo)

    I know I only uploaded this 3 weeks ago on Pano but I was prompted to show this again here when I saw Campayo's great shot of the escudo (escutcheon).

  • Villaverde Bajo mainline railway station

    August 2015. Everyone except me on holiday. Empty platform

  • Cuatro Caminos, Madrid

    September 2015. Storm threatening.

  • Two birds, four towers

    The Four Towers from Chamartin Station, Madrid

  • Teleferico, Casa de Campo, Madrid. My last Panoramio post and so a link to here (from Panoramio to the heights of ipernity!)

    Taken in June 2016, regardless of what the incorrect date on my camera states!

  • Chamberi Metro Station. De-commissioned in May 1966 and now a museum.

    A well-preserved metro station, one of the first built in Madrid (1919) on Linea 1 and de-commissioned in 1966 as it was on a bend and the new longer trains couldn't handle that. Now a museum with free entry, so full marks to those responsible! The museu…

  • Madrid, Plaza de Castilla

    This was my only shot on Pano that got over 100,000 views (but only a handful of comments, likes and faves). I think almost certainly that Google Earth had it prominently placed at this location so it was unavoidable really and nothing to do with whatever…

  • Conde Duque

    Former barracks built in the 1720s. Now an arts and cultural centre. Shot taken in September 2013.

  • Madrid, Almudena Cathedral and the earliest (Muslim) walls.

    Taken from Parque Emir Mohamed I. March 2014

  • Madrid street art. 'Siesta' by Sam3

    Without my notes to this shot, stolen unexpectedly by Google, I'm afraid I no longer have the details of the artist and related info. Very sorry and not a little bit annoyed! UPDATE on 11/04/18: Thanks to ipernity member, Jim Kerslake, I can now name the…

  • Madrid, Plaza Isobel II, very good buskers

    This lot were superb! Even I felt moved to give a little something!

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