HFF Everybody! Hospital de Maudes, Madrid


HFF! Water Tower photo exhibition.

01 Oct 2020 57 81 174
The Madrid water company Canal de Isabel II turned this old water depository into an exhibition centre. Fine if you don't mind climbing many steps! This is the top level of 5. Better on black.

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Work in progress.

22 Mar 2021 41 40 121
I last took a shot here 6 months ago (I've moved out of the area). I thought there would have been more progress but it seems not much really. Full screen best for this I think. www.ipernity.com/doc/2247598/album/1279798

"Just checking, dear; thought I heard something in…

19 Jun 2016 57 97 163
HFF, Everyone! Madrid. Parque de El Capricho. Palacio de Los Duques de Osuna.

Príncipe Pío Station, Madrid

08 Feb 2020 35 27 136
Mainline train above and metro train below.

Parque de Santander, Madrid

01 Mar 2020 41 42 129
Not far from where I used to live.

Santiago Bernabéu reconstruction. H. A. N. W. E. E…

26 Aug 2020 32 29 121
Another one from last year and the rebuilding of the stadium, home of Real Madrid Football Club.

HFF, everyone!

02 Aug 2020 44 81 152
Parque de Santander, Madrid. My local park until recently.

Plaza de Castilla, Madrid, Torres Kio and the Hypo…

17 Dec 2020 42 50 154
The tall and thin sculpture to the right of the shot is called, irreverently, the Hypodermic Needle.

Pomegranate tree

31 May 2011 35 36 251
Parque Juan Carlos I, Madrid. Spring Revisited no 10.

Rio Manzanares walkway, Madrid. HFF!!!

08 Oct 2012 56 73 757
An oldie, from 2012, first shown on ipernity in 2016. I didn't see it as HFF potential then but do now, seeing as I didn't have many fence shots early on!


20 Dec 2013 71 154 1398
Plaza Chueca, Madrid. Christmas lights in the rain. First shown in 2016 on ipernity from a shot taken in 2013. I can't upload my new 2020 Christmas shot so a blast from the past will have to suffice!

Rose 'Daniel Gelin'

05 Jun 2013 44 39 581
El Retiro rose garden, Madrid. First shown in 2017. These are my favourite roses. I had them in a London garden but didn't take cuttings before I left and then spent 25 years looking for it! Not easy when I didn't have a name! But the colour is distinctive as is the dark green of the leaves (apparently an indication of an old variety). I did eventually spot it in a Portreath garden (Cornwall) and also a London front garden (in both cases the owners weren't in so I couldn't ask for a cutting) and then, miraculously in the rose garden of the Retiro park, Madrid!

Dawn, Hortaleza, Madrid

03 Jan 2013 49 61 656
From my balcony one morning in 2013.

HFF everyone!

07 Nov 2018 48 69 202
Welcome back! Principe Pio mainline and metro station - formerly Estacción del Norte, one of the main Madrid termini.

Paseo de la Castellana 77

11 Jul 2020 60 35 226
Another shot of this famous building. The curving ledges are solar panels. A revolutionay first in 70s Madrid.

Madrid night lights

12 Oct 2020 35 28 123
Torre Windsor burnt down on this site in 2004 and El Corte Inglés (think cross between Harrods and M&S) bought the site and made it one of their flagship stores. (And I was pleased to see the classic Triumph bike there!).

Rose Daniel Gelin, La Roselada, Parque del Buen Re…

03 Jun 2012 34 31 166
Named after a French actor.. Better on full screen.

Plaza de Olavide, another angle

08 Nov 2020 39 44 160
I know I've posted this square before but it's a pleasing place. And anyway, back problems mean I don't walk as far as I did even 2 weeks ago so I was pleased to walk this far today.

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