Very close to the summit of Cancho Largo

Sierra de La Cabrera

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  • Very close to the summit of Cancho Largo

    This is connected with the next photo, with the climber tackling this massive rock from the other side. I got to the top once, in November 2010 but I haven't been able to find the scrambling route I took and I had no camera or camera phone back then. Here…

  • Top climber at the overhanging crux, Cancho Largo. Sierra de La Cabrera

    Adjacent photo is from just behind this rock and shows that I tried to get to the top but from the back route. I achieved it once (before I had a camera or cameraphone), but haven't found the scrambling route since.

  • Granite

    Sierra de La Cabrera

  • Mountain stream over granite

    Sierra de La Cabrera

  • Granite scenery, La Sierra de La Cabrera

    On the skyline, L to R, Siera de La Pedriza, Cuerda Larga, Bolo del Mundo, Peñalara, Mondolindo, Peña Negra, Rio Frio. In the foreground, Peña de Tejo.

  • Griffon vultures

    On Cancho de La Bola, looking across to Pico de La Miel which looks much closer that it actually is. Sierra de La Cabrera granite country.

  • Valdemanco and the Bustarviejo Valley

    Some new housing estates seen here - unfinished due to the construction industry crisis in the years after 2008.

  • Prickly Pear

    SIerra de La Cabrera

  • La Sierra de La Cabrera, eastern end.

    Taken from Cancho Gordo. The prominent peak, right centre, is Pico de La Miel. The white boulder to the left, is part of of Cancho de La Bola, home of vultures for thousands of years, hence its guano stained colour. Mind you, the rocks below it have share…

  • Sierra de La Cabrera on a mild January day.

    Lots of granite.

  • Sierra de La Cabrera. The western end as seen below Cancho Largo

    More granite

  • Above the fog. (And maybe a good backdrop for the witches scenes in Macbeth!)

    Sierra de La Cabrera: Las Agujas (needles) de Cancho Gordo. You can just see the tops of neighbouring ranges peeking out through the fog!

  • Sierra de La Cabrera

    Typical granite scenery of the area. Great walking and scrambling country.

  • Yes, my picnic table again!

    An old friend!

  • Serra de La Cabrera.

    Pico de La Miel and the Lozoya Valley. A snow free and very mild January day. Later it became shirtsleeves weather!

  • Broom

    Sierra de La Cabrera and the Lozoya Valley

  • I may have posted this before, but maybe not. I took so many shots from here on that day back in 2011 that I can't be sure!

    Sierra de La Cabrera on a foggy day in December, 2011. Today would have been the same, blanket fog throughout central Spain with only the mountain peaks peeping through. I was tempted when I heard the forecast last night but I just had too much to do toda…

  • My Mushroom Rock again, from a different angle

    I'm fond of this rock, as you will have gathered by now. It even has its own album!

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