Las Agujas de El Cancho Gordo

Madrid Province, (not City)

Another view from the back of the house. Early mor…

12 Mar 2022 76 96 254
Fog clearing. Jarama Valley, Algete, Madrid Province. Sierra de Guadarrama. Another of my sister's shots.

Sierra de La Cabrera. H. A. N. W. E. everybody!

07 Jul 2011 55 43 215
Granite with encina (holm oak) and chestnut tree. On the left is Cancho Largo and on the right; Cancho Gordo, the highest points in this sierra. Best on full screen to fully appreciate the cragginess of Las Agujas de Cancho Gordo - the needles of Cancho Gordo).

Early morning from the house - La Sierra de La Cab…

12 Mar 2022 50 56 246
Fog in the Jarama Valley. The Sierra de La Cabrera can be seen in all its craggy but tiny extent. To the left is the brooding hulk of Mondalindo which is not granite and therefore much more rounded. Usually the mountains would be snow covered up till May but not this year. My sister's shot.

Bustarviejo Valley from The Sierra de La Cabrera

30 Sep 2012 70 61 225
H. A. N. W. E. everyone! Granite scenery from the summit of El Cancho Gordo.

Convento de San Antonio, Sierra de La Cabrera.

28 Jan 2012 64 54 241
A freezing cold January day.

Mountain stream over granite

14 May 2013 75 55 282
Valdemanco Sierra de la Cabrera

Cistus / jara / rock rose.

25 May 2019 64 56 298
La Sierra de La Cabrera.

View from house to the Sierra de Guadarrama

21 Sep 2019 89 91 337
Another view from the dining room terrace. Best on full screen.H. A. N. W. E. Everybody!

Christmas Day 2018, Valderrey, Algete, Madrid

25 Dec 2018 73 62 308
Little did I imagine in 2018 that in 2 years time i'd be living on top of that hill!

Parque de Oeste, Madrid

13 Sep 2020 53 51 254
My favourite Madrid park.

Merry Christmas everyone! (Oh, and HFF!)

25 Dec 2018 59 77 276
Wishing good health, peace, fortitude and good cheer to all Ipernity members for Christmas and the coming year!

Babbling brook

14 Oct 2015 47 50 243
H. A. N. W. E. everyone! Mountain stream over granite in the Sierra de La Cabrera. Best on large.

Last winter. HFF everyone!

07 Jan 2021 77 91 282
Valderrey, Algete, Madrid Province. View through dining room window.

The last few wisteria leaves

03 Dec 2021 51 50 244
Part of our front garden. It takes 100 steps to make a complete lap of this garden. Useful for me to know as I have my set daily target of steps as part of of my recovery programme.

Country path, Fuente el Saz de Jarama.

15 May 2016 59 44 247
Path between Algete and Fuente el Saz de Jarama, Madrid Province. On the horizon, La Sierra de Guadarrama and La Sierra de La Cabrera. About 10 minutes walk from where I live now; I didn't when I took this! As i get back into walking mode post Covid I hope to take more shots from round here.

Bustarviejo Valley from La Sierra de La Cabrera

25 May 2019 57 53 234
Granite country in the foreground. In the background, exactly in the middle of the shot is Peñalara, the highest mountain in the Sierra de Guadarrama (alternatively called La Sierra de Madrid) at 2,423 metres (7,950 feet). I worked out once that my height here when taking this shot would be approximately on a level with Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the British Isles.

Late autumnal wisteria.

Las Agujas de Cancho Gordo

25 May 2019 72 49 256
Sierra de La Cabrera. Madrid is a smudge on the horizon between the two left-hand pillars. This was the last time I went walking in these mountains. My objective is to get back up there next spring and that will involve a lot of physiotherapy! But no pain no gain!

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