• There's a fence in there somewhere!

    HFF! Castle at Manzanares el Real, Madrid Province. El Yelmo, A prominent peak in the Sierra de La Pedriza, is visible in the background.

  • La Cabrera town from the ridge

    Sierra de La Cabrera granite ridge. It really is a very long way down from there. Even I wasn't going to inch much further forward (The slab in front is steeper than it looks). I positioned myself here only because if I lost my balance, that boulder has a…

  • A hot and arid October day, near Algete

    The Sierra de Guadarrama on the horizon, including La Sierra de La Cabrera in its entirety. And only 25 miles from the centre of Madrid!

  • La Sierra de La Cabrera

    The eastern end of it from the upper slopes of El Cancho Gordo.

  • Griffon vultures

    On their favourite rock, Cancho de La Bola. Sierra de La Cabrera. This prominent rock is white because it has been stained with approx 10,000 years of vulture guano, or so it has been claimed and the timeframe since the last ice age seems about right.

  • El Escorial from the Roman road

    The Palace monastery as seen from the Roman Road. Abantos is the mountain backdrop.

  • Bustarviejo Valley from La Sierra de La Cabrera

    A little snow still about in late March.

  • San Lorenzo de El Escorial from El Fraile, Las Machotas and an ancient dry stone wall

    A very hot late October day but a magnificent long walk involving ancient woodlands, terrific parkland, the palace monastery, a Roman road, a tough and steep scramble up to a craggy granitic ridge and magnificent vistas. Perfect!

  • San Lorenzo de El Escorial

    Taken from the Herreria Woods in late Winter.

  • Las Machotas from Peralejo

    The three hills (seen here as one) comprise La Machota Chica, La Machota Alta and El Fraille. They give great views over San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the enormous palace-monastery built by Felipe II.,

  • El Pico de La Miel framed by juniper

    La Sierra de La Cabrera. granite and juniper.

  • El Escorial from the Herreria Woods

    Autumn view from the woods to the iconic palace / monastery. The mountain of Abantos behind.

  • Iconic tree

    This tree is visible from miles around. La Sierra de La Cabrera and the Valley of Bustarviejo. A wintry April day.

  • My favourite picnic table

    It's been a little while since my table made an appearance and I make no excuses for showing another shot of it! La Sierra de La Cabrera granite.

  • El Pardo. No turning round for the camera!

    Those of you 'in the know' will remember that she simply will not tolerate a frontal photo (for no reason that I can see!) The park of El Pardo, northwest of Madrid.

  • Sierra de Guadarrama from El Pardo

    El Pardo; originally a royal hunting lodge and park outside Madrid. Today; still a huge park and the royal palace, once home to Franco. The snow-capped La Bola del Mundo was once thought by Madrilenos to be the highest mountain in the world!

  • Granite and broom

    La Sierra de La Cabrera, looking past Pena del Tejo (low but very interesting with its fantastic granite forms) towards Mondalindo (high but more conventional as mountains go!).

  • The Guardian of The Mountains maintaining his ever watchful vigil.

    El Cancho Largo, The Highest point in La Sierra de La Cabrera.

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